Zahra Tewelde
Personal Information
Name Zahra Tewelde
Birthdate 21 (September 23, 2076)
Blood Status Half-blood
Place of Birth Dire Dawa, Ethiopia
Occupation Dare Devil Extraordinaire!
School Information
Schools Sinaazid Institute of Arcane Studies
Houses coming soon!
N.E.W.T.s pass…
Wand 10¼,Larch, Naga Scale
Broom Nimbus 2090
Pets Asghar
Other ▪ Modular Fan
▪ fire breathing and fire eating torches
▪ 1 enchanted dirt bike (absolutely registered of course)
▪ Jar of Bluebell Flames
▪ Military surplus sea bag (extension charm)


Small, lean, and a little bit spicy. What do you get when you mix Ethiopian with Filipino-Mexican? A whole lotta exotic and a little bit of sass. It speaks through her urban-inspired style that sometimes goes awry, but whatever disaster or masterpiece, Zahra confidently owns it. She’s proud of her messy, natural curls and frequently sports a frizzy mop of hair. A few tattoos and a couple of fun piercings and you’ve got yourself a whole cauldron of trouble you won’t know what to do with.

  • Height: 5’3
  • Weight: 125 lbs
  • Distinguishing Features: <anything else>


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Notable Skills

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Magical Skills

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