Whistling Snidget


The newest pub and inn on Diagon Alley, Whistling Snidget is owned by Bernice "Bernie" Mudgrave, a buxom, sassy woman of 39 who will silence you faster than you can get that last number out of your lips! The Whistling Snidget has been in operation for five years, and boasts a friendly atmosphere. Far friendlier than the older pubs, or so you'll hear on the street!


The Snidget is a four story wooden building, though the first level is reinforced with stone facing. It is clearly a newer building, with fresh white paint on the outside and dark stained wooden shutters and trim. The stone facing on the first level is pale in color. The interior is warm and welcoming, with the first floor dedicated to the pub and kitchen. The three upper levels are standard inn rooms, most of them dedicated to beds, but with a few small sitting rooms as well.


The Snidget is located across the street from Sloppy Seconds, in a place where the alley bends around a slight corner. It's near to Knockturn Alley, but not close enough that the seedier locals are attracted to it.

Products and Services

  • Drinks and Food: Like any good pub and inn, the Snidget provides alcohol of every flavor and design, and at a fair price! The kitchen also serves food from 5 AM to 11:30 PM, though you can get buckets of chips(fries) and other easy-to-make and simple pub foods in the off-hours.
  • Room & Board: The Snidget has a total of 30 rooms available for overnights and five sitting rooms available for meetings. Prices vary depending on time of year and local events. And how well Bernie knows and likes you.
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