Warwick Brisbane
Personal Information
Name Warwick Michael Brisbane
Birthdate 47 (October 14th 2050)
Blood Status Half-blood
Place of Birth Staffordshire, England
Occupation Retired. Mandatory.
School Information
Schools • Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
• Hanakotoba School of Magic
• Kavelridge Academy for Witchy Blokes
Houses • Gryffindor (Year 1-2)
• Yotaka (Year 3)
• tba (4-7)
N.E.W.T.s • Charms: O
• Defence Against the Dark Arts: E
• Divination: O
• History of Magic: O
• Potions: E
• Transfiguration: E
Wand • aspen, 13½", dragon heartstring
• juniper, 11¾", unicorn hair (defunct)
Broom Probably not.
Pets Polly & Sam
Other • a marble
• a small notepad
• a travelling quill


Warwick Brisbane's defining characteristic is the anxious quality his eyes manage to trap. If not anxious, then his expression is eerily devoid of anything that makes a person recognizably human. He is a far cry from the boy his mother sent off to school. The years are not kind to Brisbane; his appearance lends the impression of a man who might shatter if mishandled. Each year passes and creates another irreparable crack in his façade.

  • Height: 1.82m
  • Weight: 11½ stone
  • Distinguishing Features:
    • None to speak of.


Warwick is a reserved, serious person who enjoys the sanctity and solitude of his own thoughts rather than the company of others. He never had a difficult time expressing himself as a child, but he grew colder and distant as he grew older. He is often awkward in situations that require diplomacy and dislikes publicly speaking on his feelings. Warwick is frustratingly stubborn once he has an opinion and rarely budges on his stance. He is a man of few friends due to his disposition, but respects his peers and does not tolerate malicious sentiment toward those he is familiar with. He wasn't always this way: in his halcyon days, those who knew him will claim Warwick was refreshingly confident, dutiful, and vibrant.

He appears to suffer from headaches and nervous tension.

Notable Skills

Warwick has excellent documentation skills while hale and healthy (though he has a habit of trailing off, leaving words out, and misrepresenting letters on a bad day). He is a dedicated observer and is capable of telling you a little bit about anything as a great party trick. He has a skill at connecting ideas, material, and data that otherwise appear completely unrelated and conveying complicated issues in a way anyone can understand.

Magical Skills

  • Strengths:
    • Offence
      • Charms. Warwick excels at employing all manner of charms. In earlier years, he was an accomplished duelist by his charmwork alone. Charms, however, are versatile and can be employed in many areas - thus, they are Warwick's favorite art.
      • Dark Charms. Curses, hexes, and jinxes - Brisbane does not prefer them, but can employ them practically and efficiently.
    • Defence
      • Charms. In way of defense, it might be somewhat remarkable that Warwick has little issue summoning powerful shield charms.
      • D.A.D.A. There is little argument against Warwick's ability with counter-spells. Some other areas may need work to catch up, but it's never held him back.
    • Divination. A little insight into the future - however obscure - can be a great benefit. Warwick practices divination indiscriminately.
  • Weaknesses:
    • Herbology. He can read all the books he wants, but his disinterest in identifying plants and their magical properties isn't so great in practice. He's relied on intermediaries for all his potion-making supplies in the past.
    • C.o.M.C. Warwick probably shouldn't be allowed to take care of any creature when he can barely take care of himself. His housekeeper takes care of his animal companions (and sometimes, even him).
    • Difficulties. Despite Warwick's proficiency with charms, he struggles to conjure a patronus these days. When he can, it often fizzles out quickly and rarely, if ever, takes its corporeal form.
      • Flying. Warwick developed a severely negative association with brooms and flying after the Destruction of Hogwarts, which made travel difficult during his school years. He can fly. He just won't.
      • Health. Though not strictly magical, the most invasive weakness that plagues him is the screaming headaches, putting him in a poor mood, incapable of work, and unable to focus, requiring trips to and stays at St. Mungo's on occasion.
  • Notable Abilities:
    • Apparition. Without the use of a broom, Warwick has practiced and practiced again and is handy with his apparition even when under duress.
    • Occlumens & Legilimens.

Brief History

The Destruction of Hogwarts in the December of 2063 was a terrible start to Warwick's second year in school. The carnage and the subsequent exodus left deep scars that would eat at him the rest of his life. He spent the rest of his year and Hanakotoba along with many other displaced students before ultimately transferring to Australia for the rest of his years, only returning to the UK for holiday on occasion.

Warwick graduated with good marks despite a few outbursts in class over the years and more trips to the infirmary than one can count on their fingers. He returned home after graduation. At his height, Warwick showed interest in joining the British Ministry of Magic - a goal he pursued with haste and zeal at the time. He began with a job in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. Warwick had his first major hospital stay several years later at twenty-eight when he stayed on St. Mungo's grounds for nearly two months on fatigue. He was transferred to another department when he returned to work, but speaks nothing of it. He lost fifteen additional years of his life there until a second hospital stay put him out of work for a year - this time, with an honorable discharge tacked on to his healthy release.

The only thing Warwick talks about less than what he used to do for work is the event that caused him to lose it.

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