Tyler Collins
Public Records
Name • Tyler "Ty" Collins
Birthdate • ??? (53 years old)
Blood Status • Muggleborn
Place of Birth • ???, England
Occupation • Retired Headmaster of Hogwarts
• Wizarding Historian
School Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Hanakotoba School of Magic
House Gryffindor
  • Personal Life
    • Ty Collins married Jade Black in 2078. They have one child, Hanna Collins-Black.
    • Collins maintains close ties with Rebekah Addison.
    • While many in England expected him to pursue a career with the Ministry of Magic, Collins never showed much interest in the work, and after his retirement, pursued independent scholarship.
  • Professional Life
    • Collins was thrust against his will into the Second Auror War during his seventh year as a student. Despite personal conflicts with both Haruhi Kojima and Mazzy Lavine, he served with great distinction in many battles, and was among the four to face Kali Anmalyashonjir at her defeat at the Gate of Anhuala.
    • Following the war, Collins took it upon himself to lead the reconstruction efforts at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He christened the school's reopening in June of 2068, and accepted a job there as assistant Headmaster beneath the venerable Winchester Nuefield.
    • Upon Nuefield's retirement in 2073, Collins - then only 27 years old - became the youngest Headmaster in Hogwarts' history. His tenure in the role was a tumultuous but mostly steady one.
    • Collins played a small part in the Seven Month War, aiding in the defense of Hogwarts in 2076 and 2077, until he was relieved from his position of Headmaster in February of 2077 by Red Beoman. He was reinstated in July, after the violence came to an end.
    • After retiring from the post of Headmaster in 2082, Collins pursued a career as an author and magical historian. His best-known works are Unseen Lines, regarding the political causes of the Auror Insurrection, and The Will to Ruin, regarding the internal dysfunction of the Kalite leadership in the Second Auror War.
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