Tristan Wyatt
Personal Information
Name Tristan Wyatt
Birthdate 24 [November 3rd]
Blood Status Impure
Place of Birth Clacton-on-Sea, Essex County, England - United Kingdom
Occupation Ambassador for Relations between Wizards and Merpeople
School Information
Schools Hogwarts School of Witchcraf and Wizardry
Houses Ravenclaw
N.E.W.T.s Defense Against the Dark Arts: E
Potions: E
Transfiguration: E
Charms: O
Herbology: E
Music: O
Wand White Pine, Coral Core, 6'06" (trident)
Broom N/A
Pets Irish Red and White Setter named Diego
Other N/A


Tristan Devon Wyatt, often going solely by his last name Wyatt, is a blonde male hailing from the United Kingdom in the large town of Clacton-on-Sea in Essex County. Wyatt is typically found in simple jeans and a shirt, taking no real pride in making himself look substantially good unless he has to. Despite the simplicity of his casual look his clothes scream designer brands. More often than not though Wyatt is usually seen shirtless, mostly because his days are spent under the waves rather than above them. The joys of being a merman.

  • Height: 6'01" or 7'01"
  • Weight: 175lbs or 307lbs
  • Distinguishing Features: Tristan has six tattoos that adjorn his body. A Celtic Cross on his upper right chest, Arabic scrift on his inner right arm that says "Your mind is stronger than your body", the words "What goes around comes around" on his right shoulder, the letter "ER" inside interlocking hearts on his right wrist, his name written in Kanji script just below his waist, and "Little Lamb" on his left arm. Another feature that is only seen while in the water is his tail that appears in lieu of his legs.


Wyatt is a very complicated individual. During times when he needs to work or is trying to negotiate between the Mer and Wizards he comes off as very level headed, calm and understanding. Generally seen professionally as a kind, caring young man and a professional throughand through. However, during his off hours Wyatt becomes a typical young adult male. He likes to go out and party, he enjoys the company of beautiful women and likes to have a few drinks with the guys. Many women have said he's very professional but likened him, just like most other guys, to a dog always on the hunt for his next conquest.

Notable Skills

Social Skills

  • Tristan is very easy to talk to, both on a professional level and personal.

Life Skills

  • Tristan is an incredible chef and baker, having been taught by his father who ownes his own Five Star Restaurant.
  • Tristan is a very good singer. [This of course is subjective. You may not like it if he isn't singing the style of music you enjoy]
  • Tristan is fluent in both English and Italian.

Magical Skills


  • Charms: Tristan excells at using defensive charms and has a very strong ability to use Aguamenti
  • Healing Magic: Tristan is a very strong healer


  • Offensive Magics: Tristan has never enjoyed violence and as a result he lacks any real power in offensive spells.
  • Trident: Because of the silver metal that helps reinforce the Trident from breaking his actual magic casting isn't as focused as another Witch or Wizard.

Notable Abilities:

  • Patronus: Great white Shark
  • Tristan is capable of using his Trident not just to cast magic with but as an actual weapon. Despite his lack of enthusiasm to violence Wyatt trained extensively with the Trident as a means to assist if needed.
  • Tristan's tail reacts to ocean/sea or lake water. When submerged his feet and legs will fuse together and a green tail will appear. Chloronated water or pools, water the comes from the shower or tap and hose will not affect his tail. Wyatt can only stay in pools for a limited length of time before beginning to the feel sick from the chlorine. Extended exposure can cause serious health issues and eventually death if he's not careful.

Brief History

Tristan Wyatt was born to Connor Wyatt, a pureblood wizard who wasn't even out of Hogwarts himself and Perlia, a Mermaid though Conner was unaware of this. Born in the back alley of London Connor was unable to help Perlia and she died as a result of the birth. Hurt and in pain, Connor took his newborn son and Perlia's body back to Clacton. After burying her, and still blissfully unaware of her true heritage, Conner finished his education at Hogwarts before raising Tristan in Clacton, away from the hustle and bustle of London. Tristan learned how to cook and, thanks to his grandparents, despite their not agreeing with their son becoming a muggle chef, lived a very lavish and comfortable life.

As predicted, Tristan displayed minor magical abilities, a sign that he was a wizard like his father. This greatly pleased his grandparents and at the age of 11 he recieved his letter from Hogwarts. During the last two weeks of that summer Connor took his son to California to see the warm beach. As soon as Wyatt was deep enough in the water his feet merged together and, much to his father's horror, he watched his son turn into a merman.

Tristan spent two years attending Hogwarts and thinking his father hated him. Connor wouldn't say more than a few sentences to Tristan and forbid him from telling his grandparents. Finally, after Tristan acted out one summer Connor began to realize his pure blood pride was stupid and petty and demeaning his son. Thanks to this revelation Connor turned his relationship with his son around. After this Wyatt began to mature into a responsible young adult and, after graduating from Hogwarts became the Ambassador for Relations between Mer and Wizards.

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