A timeline of recent history, from 2040 to the present, an era dominated principally by the violence and civil unrest of the four Auror Wars.

This is a quick, summarized look at the era:

  • 2045: International political bickering stalls major magical treaties. The various Auror Departments begin to grow restless.
  • 2048: The Auror Insurrection, under the leadership of Kali Anmalyashonjir, begins and ends in the course of four months - Kali and her supporters, comprising a substantial majority of the world's Aurors, attempt to depose magical governments throughout the world. The mass coup is unsuccessful, and in response, heavy restrictions are placed on the authority and powers of Aurors.
  • 2063: Hogwarts is destroyed by an agent of Kali using a magical weapon known as the 'TVC 15'. This marks the beginning of the Second Auror War.
  • 2063-2066: The Second Auror War. A long and bitter conflict between Kali and her supporters and the supporters of the Ministries of Magic. The Aurors are defeated in 2066, and Kali is killed late in 2065, thanks to the efforts of Haruhi Kojima, Mazzy Lavine, Rebekah Addison, Jade Black, and Tyler Collins.
  • 2068: Hogwarts is rebuilt largely due to the efforts of Tyler Collins, who is instated as Headmaster of the new school.
  • 2076-2077: The Seven Month War. Kali attempts to exact revenge on those who killed her from beyond the grave. Her efforts to return are ultimately foiled, though at a grave cost.
  • 2092-93: The Anhuala war…
  • 2098: The present year! The First Conclave is underway, the Quidditch World Cup is just around the corner, and everything's looking up!
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