The Rules

We'll keep these short, simple, and unambiguous. :)

  1. You will respect each other. This is absolute and non-negotiable. Cheers!
    • If you have issues with another player, bring it up with Iwamura, and we will all discuss it like mature not-dickish adults.
  2. All characters must be approved by two moderators.
    • Current moderators are Iwamura, Lavine, Noriko, and Huian.
    • If you make a character while no moderators are online, you are permitted to RP until we are around to give you feedback.
    • If you make a restricted character type (animagi, seer, nonhuman, etc), you are expected to play actively. If you do not, we may give your slot to a different player.
  3. New additions to the RP canon must be approved by Iwamura and Lavine.
    • If you write an addition to the RP canon while neither Iwamura or Lavine are online, you are not permitted to introduce it until we are around. Sorry!
    • Remember that the RP canon differs in some ways from official canon. Where the two are in conflict, we defer to the RP canon.
  4. Above all else, respect each other. When in doubt, refer back to this rule.
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