The Mighty Princess Sparklefists

The Mighty Princess Sparklefists is Noriko Sakada's personal broom, commissioned for her by her team in late 2097. Crafted by Calico Katya for a small fortune, Noriko received the broom in March of 2098 and guards it jealously. She has a perfect undefeated record with it (0-0) and therefor considers it a lucky broom, as is one hundred percent right and good.

  • Producer: Calico Katya's Awesome Brooms, Ltd.
  • Materials: Acacia koa wood with hazel twigs, Goblin-made iron banding
  • Markings: The Mighty Princess Sparklefists! inlaid in rose gold on the handle
  • Top Speed: 176 mph
  • Handling: Excellent
  • Stability: Fair
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