Mathais Araújo
Personal Information
Name Mathais Araújo
Birthdate 25 (25 April, 2073)
Blood Status Half-blood
Place of Birth Pòrto Alegre, Brasil
Occupation Bravest Brazilian Beast Boss!
School Information
Schools Sivanpara Wizarding Institute
Picchu Mahya School of the Arcane
Houses Santo Frade (Sivanpara)
Hanan Pacha (Picchu Mahya)
N.E.W.T.s Charms     A
C.o.M.C.    O
Herbology  O
Wand Chestnut, 13", Queztal Pinion. Unyielding.
Broom whatever he can find
Pets • Brak, the Fire Slug.
Roku, the Kai Ken.
• Do dementors count as pets?
• Ted the Unicorn. He insisted on Ted.
Aquila, the Golden Eagle. He's a dick.
• "BASTARD." the chameleon ghoul. Ilkay's.
Other Backpack (w/undetectable extension charm)


Tall and lean, Mathais has a classically handsome face and thick, brown hair that has a natural wave when he wakes up. He is the type of blessed person to look good in just about anything, but prefers to live life simply in various v-neck tees, denim, and hi-top trainers. The only deviation from this wardrobe in a normal situation are the colors of choice he fingers for the day. Colder climates (that is to say, any place or time where the high is 65 or below) see him in layers, leather, or denim jackets - but he hasn't much of a clue when it comes to dressing appropriately.

  • Height: 6 foot 1
  • Weight: 172 pounds
  • Distinguishing Features:
    • Heterochromia: complete. brown (l); blue (r)


Tai can easily be described as egotistical - but overall, friendly and approachable. Generally spontaneous, talkative, creative, and expressive, he enjoys freedom away from any serious responsibilities. He is well-suited to circus life as an individual who likes to live on the go. Inclined to indulge his vices, however, Thais has a tendency to be scattered - giving him a reputation of being somewhat unreliable. He is easily excited by new concepts, conditions, and work, but becomes discontent with menial or repetitive labor and is prone to bouts of shallow depression under the circumstances. A few words of encouragement seem to boost his spirits back up to their manic highs.

Notable Skills

He'll tie you the strongest knot you'll ever see and is pretty damned good at wilderness survival. Thais speaks Brazilian Portuguese, Chilean Spanish, and American English fluently. He is pretty damned good at Mandarin Chinese, but has a tendency to mangle some pronunciations and ruin negotiations.

Magical Skills

  • Strengths:
    • [Care of Magical Creatures] You can't very well be a tamer of magical beasts without knowing a thing or two about them! Thais has a patient hand and more than a fair understanding of the (questionably legal) creatures central to their shows.
    • [Healing Spells] When your job involves poking at dragons for fun, you should know a plethora for spells to mend broken skin and bones.
    • [Herbology] A useful asset in his work, Thais is an absolute know-it-all on magical flora - and even if he's talking out of his ass when he doesn't know an answer, he sells it.
  • Weaknesses:
    • [Dark Spells] Tai hasn't the heart or the stomach for casting jinxes, hexes, or curses. The closest he gets to anything with a 'dark' descriptor is with the beasts that carry it. They can do whatever they'd like without eliciting the same squeamish reaction.
    • [Potions] Despite his proficiency in remember flora and fauna, Mathais has never been handy with potions recipes. Then again, he's never been great at cooking, either.
  • Notable Abilities:
    • [Patronus] Corporeal. Lion. Typically used as a messenger. Or in illicit performances of questionable morality.

Brief History

Thais was born to a Brazilian half-blood wizard and dragonologist, Matheo Araújo, and half-blood Chilean witch and herbologist, Sofia Araújo (née Rojas). Though the family bounced around due to the nature of his parents' work, Thais attended a Brazilian school with relatively good marks until their permanent move to Chile in his seventh year. He learned much from watching his parents during his childhood and reveled in any chance to accompany them on trips, but when it came time to face the real world and find his way, he choked up and ran out to join the circus - like so many boys dream to do.

He hasn't been back since, but sends occasional postcards to his parents.

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