Sivanpara Wizarding Institute


Set up following the traditional English boarding school style, Sivanpara Wizarding Insitute is a wizarding school located in Bahia. It has a reputation of being comically laid-back when it comes to rules and standards. While Sivanpara may grant more freedom to its students, the tales are greatly exaggerated.

School Layout

Hidden off Bahia's coast, Sivanpara - like many other magical schools - is unplottable. Bewitched to muggle eyes, it appears nothing more than an ruined parish to be reclaimed by the jungle. The school's layout reflects true Brazilian style: the campus is low and sprawling, made of local stone and wood, and protected by stone boundaries. Most of the school's protection comes from There is one building dedicated to each subject taught, with several classrooms facilitated by undetectable extension charms. A hall dedicated to common affairs sits at the center of the campus. Sivanpara also boasts a quidditch pitch, a football field, a natural pool, and beach access to upperclassmen.


Sivanpara's students are split between four dormitories. Dormitories are painted with bright colors on a traditional Brazilian facade. As with the school houses, dormitories are extended by charms.

Santo Leão

Named for patron Marcão Leão, those placed in this dormitory reflect their namesake. This house is associated with courage and leadership, but have a bad reputation as being short-sighted glory-seekers. Leão has had a strong association with monarchy and pureblood supremacy in the past.

Santo Águia

The students belonging to the house of João Águia are often remembered as wise and scholarly, but the house also adopts individuals who are cunning and ruthless - the amount of dark (or at least, greatly misguided) wizards out of Santo Águia is often forgotten in the shadow of the pomp and show from Santo Leão.

Santo Boi

If you ever need a friend, look no further than the house of Santo Boi. The house of Lucas Boi only accepts the pure of heart, those with strong convictions, and veritable heroes. Santo Boi has the unfair stigma of being considered a house of pushovers, when in fact, many revolutionaries, warriors, and role models are ranked in their alumni. Boi is the most exclusive of the houses.

Santo Frade

Santo Frade takes its name from Mathias dello Frade. Those belonging to this house are sometimes considered frivolous and irrationally passionate, but have a strong love for humanity. Capable of being quite empathic, individuals under Frade can easily be labelled as quite caring… or, quite mad.

Costa Clara


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