Saedis Lundholm
Personal Information
Name Saedis Lundholm
Birthdate 22(7/29/2076)
Blood Status Pureblood
Place of Birth Reykjavik
Occupation Piano and Vocals for Dementor's Last Dance
School Information
Schools Rosecross Academy of Invocation
Houses Loherangrin
N.E.W.T.s Charms - Exceeds Expectations
Transfiguration - Acceptable
Arithmancy - Acceptable
CoMC - Outstanding
DADA - Outstanding
Potions - Exceeds Expectations
Herbology - Outstanding
Wand 11" Yielding, Rowan, Petal Wing
Broom N/A
Pets Thorstein, the two-tone Maine Coon
Other Long strap purse with Undetectable Extension Charm
Keyboard Piano(often shrunk)


Sig and Saedis

The younger twin; tall, odd, and brooding, with milky white skin. Saedis dresses in what makes her comfortable or suits her mood most that day, often confusing fans. The only real feminine quality she possesses is her nails, often painted in neon hues. She is a quirky girl who, unlike her brother, is not confident. but independent. She is not sociable, but thoughtful. Her short cut hair is almost white and her large, stormy blue eyes can be both captivating and silencing at times.

  • Height: 5'6"
  • Weight: 125lbs
  • Distinguishing Features: 'One of Two' tattooed on wrist.


Mellow, yet stubborn, extremely protective of the ones she loves, especially Sig. Saedis is typically calm and distant, a far cry from her persona on stage, where she becomes much more passionate and energetic, her usually quiet voice stands out strong when she sings. Around those she trusts she will open up and reveal that she can be quite odd and even childlike. Not prone to violence, though sometimes grouchy, unless it involves Sig. Beware flipping that switch; she will become a force to be reckoned with.

Notable Skills

  • Exceptional at writing lyrics and playing the Piano
  • Wonderful singer
  • Eidetic Memory

Magical Skills

  • Strengths:
    • Care of Magical Creatures: Saedis relates to animals better than Sig and always did very well in this subject. Animals can't talk and Saedis rarely moves… a good fit.
    • Defense Against the Dark Arts: Despite her personality, Saedis did very well in all aspects of this subject, a slightly concerning factor in her brothers mind.
    • Saedis is exceptional with Ancient Runes, like her brother, but when she realized he was sleeping through the NEWT, she ended up missing most of the exam trying to get him up.
  • Weaknesses:
    • Transfiguration: I turned you into a cup instead of my practice mouse… and for this I apologize…
    • Lack of social skills: Saedis had zero friends which caused Sig to be even more protective and coddling.
    • Paying attention: Saedis drifts into her little Island of Saedis quite often, missing the world around her.
  • Notable Abilities:
    • Corporeal Patronus in the form of a female Reindeer.
    • Twin Sync: When doing things together, Sig and Saedis have an almost unnatural kind of teamwork and excel quite easily without saying a word to each other.

Brief History

Sigmundur and Saedis Lundholm were born in Reykjavik, Iceland to Anne and Gundur Lundholm; two natural, peace loving Herbologists. They were home schooled for five years, passing their OWLs with little trouble. When the Auror War endangered their children's future they moved to New York City. They took a book offer to pay for the move, which unfortunately meant they could no longer home-school the twins and reluctantly enrolled them at Rosecross Academy of Invocation for their last two years. The twins excelled at Rosecross, but rarely spent any time apart. Sig clung to his sister like kudzu, guarding her from potential suitors, and her lack of social skills only made him cling harder, protecting and coddling her odd, distant personality. Her eccentric nature often brought hatred and bullying, which often caused Sig to bring divine retribution down on the perpetrators. The Twins soon started performing at local clubs and in the Wizarding communities of NY. After finishing their NEWTs at Rosecross they created Dementor's Last Dance and signed on to a label. After two albums and a ton of concerts in the United States, they became more and more popular. Now taking their tour international, they have started playing shows throughout Europe, starting with the First Conclave in London.

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