Passion of the Poppy vol. I
Personal Information
Name Penelope “Poppy” Pinkerton
Birthdate 26 (February 29, 2072)
Blood Status Muggle-born
Place of Birth Leeds, West Yorkshire, England
Occupation Owner of Pinkerton’s Pastels and Prints
School Information
Schools Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Houses Hufflepuff
N.E.W.T.s N/A
Wand Dogwood, 12¼”, Quetzal Pinion
Broom Nimbus 2090
Pets Razzia - A lavender pygmy puff
Other ▪ Sneakoscope
▪ Enchanted sheers
▪ A turquoise cameo
▪ A pair of antique Spectrespecs without the lenses


At a medium height of 5’6, Poppy is by no means intimidating in stature. Her hair is a simple brown and cut in a simple fashion. Her clothing, pin-up style makeup, and tattoos are what make her stand out from a crowd. Poppy takes a certain pride in her love of vintage Muggle styles, one that might cause you to swoon today or gag tomorrow. With such simple hair and makeup, it’s no wonder Poppy uses her sense of style to make a splash.

  • Height: 167¾ cm
  • Weight: 55 kilos
  • Distinguishing Features: A varying array of shifting tattoos on her arms, chest, back, and legs.


Her personality is as big as her wand. No, really, there’s a very good reason for this average-looking woman to be carrying around such a lengthy wand. And the answer is simple: Quirk. To Poppy’s mind (and many of her own family members), she is quirkiest woman she’s ever met (which isn’t saying much since she’s never left the comfort of London since graduating Hogwarts). Both playful and a little weird, it’s sometimes hard to tell what flavor of Poppy you’ll be imbibing from one day to the next. Unpredictable. It should also be noted that she enjoys… and sometimes even looks for trouble. Poppy's the adventurous type. Law-abiding citizens beware!

Notable Skills

  • Talented musician: On more than one occasion, she’s been known to pick up a guitar and bang out a few good tunes.
  • Climber: In same of her spare time, Poppy enjoys the tedious activity that is rock climbing!
  • Seamstress: Poppy’s life revolves around fashion. She makes her own clothes in addition to those she designs and sews for her store on Diagon Alley. Put just about any pattern with any fabric in front of Poppy, and she’ll (no doubt) come up with a masterpiece!
  • Painter: Sometimes, you can see her painting in the window of her apartment above the shop. Others, you can see her artwork screened on a t-shirt or a pair of robes. She enjoys the vast possibilities of creativity.

Magical Skills

  • Strengths:
    • Charms: Fairly good with charms, she might have put it to good use for anything other than enchanting some of the tools of her trade. She uses them when she needs to, but doesn’t make a terrible habit of it.
    • Flight: Poppy is a fairly decent flyer; not as good as most, but better than some. She gets around well on a broom.
    • Arithmancy: She’s not very talented at Divination, but there’s something about the mathematics of Arithmancy that tickles her interest. She might have passed her NEWTs with an Outstanding score in Arithmancy, if she’d had enough sense to take them.
  • Weaknesses:
    • Defense Against the Dark Arts: Poppy never was (and never will be) fond of the Dark Arts… or defending herself from them. She knows maybe one or two charms capable of protecting herself, but she’s downright rubbish in a fight.
    • Potions: Don’t come to Poppy if you need any tonics or draughts. She’s absolutely useless at them, and is more likely to make you ill than to cure you of whatever ails you.
    • History of Magic: She really doesn’t want to hear about the Giant Uprisings of… ever. Keep it to yourself, if you can manage.
  • Notable Abilities:
    • No such luck, mate…

Brief History

Poppy’s parents had more than a few reservations about their child attending school for… witches. After some strong convincing from Chester Flutey, they softened to the idea and tentatively went about learning what they could about this Wizarding world their daughter had been sucked into thanks to some strange twist of fate.

To their delight, Poppy didn’t make a very good student of witchcraft. She generally held her own enough to keep from failing miserably in her first five years, but after her O.W.L.s everything sort of went downhill from there. In her seventh year, Poppy opted not to take her N.E.W.T.s and instead looked into pursuing her real passion.

With some financial support from her parents (albeit reluctant) and a few silent benefactors, Poppy was able to open her own little boutique shop in Diagon Alley that easily rivaled that Malkin’s robes maker down the way.

She’s bloody thrilled about the Conclave and what it’s meant for her business!

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