Ora Summer
Personal Information
Name • Ora Moon Summer
• Orabird (sometimes, if you feel lucky)
Birthdate 29 (15 October 2069)
Blood Status Muddy
Place of Birth Whangarei, New Zealand
Occupation Circus girl!
School Information
Schools Kavelridge Academy for Witchy Blokes
Houses tba
N.E.W.T.s Waht.
Wand 10.25", Sycamore haft, Satyr horn core
Broom Suisei VI
Pets Mallaidh the magpie
Nor the Kishu
Terror the platypus
Other • Legal fireworks
• Illegal fireworks
• Pocketwatch (shows the time she wants it to be)
• Ukulele (charmed for titanic volume)
• Canteen (explodes contents when opened)
• Deck mop (poor man's broomstick)
• Butterfly mask (looks awesome)


Sea blue eyes, sea blue hair to match, delectably creamy complexion: Ora almost looks to be ethereal. She accentuates expertly what's natural with dye, henna, and kohl. She dresses for attention and plies attention into power. Ora is light and graceful on her feet, impossibly flexible, in complete control of her body to a level few people can even conceive of.

  • Height: 5'5"
  • Weight: 132 lbs
  • Distinguishing Features: Contortion!


And at the gate of the embassy our hands met through the bars. Your whisper stilled my heart. No they'll never catch me now. No, they'll never catch me, no, they cannot catch me now. We will escape somehow.


  • Contortionist, tumbler, trapeze acrobat, highwire walker, daredevil!
  • Master of sleight of hand!
  • Skillful practitioner of mundane disguise and costume!
  • Pyrotechnic engineer fantastique!
  • Drunken boxer!
  • Dancing queen! Young and sweet! Only sevent-that isnt right…
  • Jaunty ukulele folk songs!
  • Magic for performance sake!
    • Stunt-flying on a broomstick, or sometimes more than one broomstick at a time.
    • She cant actually fly without a broomstick, nobody can these days. Ora fakes it alarmingly well when she has her accouterments to work with: conjurations, key levitating charms, invisible animate wires. Whole act built around the illusion.
    • If it makes light, fire, lightning, sparks, other visually spectacular effects Ora probably learned it. Maybe invented it.
    • Not a proper duelist at all but an exceptional magical stage-fighter.
    • Flair for show transfiguration. Minimal practical skill, maximal talent for creating spectacle out of nothing.
  • Hexes and jinxes!
    • Especially hexes and jinxes that make brooms behave badly. More exciting that way.
    • Also hexes and jinxes that make people suffer in nonpermanent but exciting ways.
  • Beast handling!
    • If its dangerous/impressive/illegal Ora has probably put her head/hands/wits in the way of its toothsome wrath.
  • Corporeal patronus, form of an Adelaide penguin
  • The voice of Saruman charm. It embiggens her voice and enhances the most attractive and disarming tones in it, making her sound more pleasant and trustworthy. Silver tongue on demand!


The real story is how the platypus got to be named Terror.

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