Ophelia Wright
Personal Information
Name Ophelia Quilla Wright
Birthdate 21 (February 23rd, 2076)
Blood Status Pure
Place of Birth Mumbai, India
Occupation Owner and Operator of the Thoughts and Remembrances flower shop
School Information
Schools • Katshasan Academy of Magical Sciences (First – Third Year)
• Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (Third year – Seventh Year)
Houses Slytherin
N.E.W.T.s • Charms - E
• Transfiguration - E
• Herbology - O
• Defense Against the Dark Arts - A
• Potions - O
• Astronomy - A
• History of Magic - E
Wand 10”, Ash and Dragon Heartstring.
Broom N/A
Pets Sif, a bronze canary
Other <other stuff>


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  • Height: 5'6"
  • Weight: 127 lbs.
  • Distinguishing Features: A moderately-sized, splotchy birthmark on the back of her knee. However, Ophelia often hides it by using knee-length socks and stockings.


Generally, Ophelia is somewhat amiable. She’s very quiet though she doesn’t possess an aversion to conversation. It comes as little surprise that she doesn’t have many friends, though she doesn’t particularly mind this as it gives her the opportunity to pursue other things (like flower arranging). Few people know that Ophelia is actually a fairly kind young woman that is fiercely loyal and surprisingly emotional for someone that doesn’t often wear her heart on her sleeve.

She has no qualms when it comes to speaking her mind, though she always picks her battles carefully. Some might perceive that as insincerity, but Ophelia likes to think of it as self-preservation.

Notable Skills

  • An accomplished violinist, Ophelia can often be found playing it when her shop is empty.
  • Originally used as a form of stress relief, her fondness for flower arranging has allowed her to make a profit and keep her shop in business.
  • She’s got a great poker face, but she can’t play poker.

Magical Skills

  • Strengths:
    • Herbology - Predictably, Ophelia’s always had a knack for identifying and handling plant life (both dangerous and benign).
    • Potions - Though she prefers to focus her talents on brewing healing potions, that’s not to say she isn’t capable of cooking up some decidedly dangerous concoctions.
    • Healing - She may be outmatched by professional healers and mediwitches, but Ophelia can conjure a decent healing spell in a pinch.
  • Weaknesses:
    • Arithmancy - Numbers have never been her strongest suit; it’s not uncommon for her to have Xia look over the financial aspects of her business.
    • Defense Against the Dark Arts - Not one for quick thinking, her defensive magic’s always left much to be desired. Unsurprisingly, she’s a terrible duelist.
  • Notable Abilities:
    • Ophelia has a corporeal patronus that takes the form of a red panda.

Brief History

Ophelia’s past is fairly unremarkable—her contributions to previous wars and conflicts were minimal at best and she definitely hasn’t helped save the world.

Currently, Ophelia owns and operates the Thoughts and Remembrances flower shop. Located on Diagon Alley, the shop possesses a wide variety of flowers and other flora-related products and is fairly popular with witches and wizards of all ages. Custom orders are welcome, and lately Ophelia’s begun to look into adding a delivery service to her store.

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