Noriko Sakada
Personal Information
Name Noriko "Nori" Sakada
Birthdate 23 (22 December 2074)
Blood Status Waht.
Place of Birth Chiba, Japan
Occupation Quidditch! Seeker for the Nagasaki Naiads and the Japanese national team
School Information
Schools Hanakotoba School of Magic
Houses House Suzume
N.E.W.T.s • Charms (E)
• Care of Magical Creatures (O)
• Divination (O)
• Herbology (E)
• Potions (E)
Wand 9.75", Silver Lime haft, Nekodama whisker core
Broom A custom-made broom by Calico Katya, that she her team paid probably far too much for.
Pets Mai the desert sparrow.
Other Surprisingly few: many changes of clothing and an evergrowing collection of formalwear and cosmetics.


Nori is adorable and knows it well; she carries herself with the absolute confidence of somebody who hasnt ever been on the outside looking in. She sets and then transcends fashions. She wears whatever she chooses to wear with such self-certainty that it never looks out of place: she has the Audrey Hepburn-like ability to make even a burlap sack look fashionable. She is very much on the small side, agile and graceful, built a little bit like a gymnast.

  • Height: 5'1"
  • Weight: 101 lbs
  • Distinguishing Features: Mostly, whatever new clothing and fresh arm-candy she happens to be showing off today.


Confident to a fault. Unflappable in the face of adversity. Assertive and loquacious. Nori likes to talk; she especially likes to talk about Nori. Her party stories range from the probably untrue (singlehandedly defended Tsushatoshi from a dozen Kalites) to the certainly impossible (trains for Quidditch by competing against dragons); the believability of what she says has no influence on whether or not she says it. Nori also isnt put off in the slightest when people call her on her bullshit: usually, she's already ten stanzas deep in her next epic tale of epic epicness. This time, she also has a pony and saves the princess then becomes the princess.


  • Ninja-like stealth acumen!
  • Ninja-like archery acumen!
  • First-rate oratory bluster and puffery!
  • Latter-day fashion bomb!
  • More moxie than any girl can be trusted with!
  • Pure unadulterated heroism for the low low price of an occasional kiss!
  • Really rather good at the kissing!
  • Flying like a ninja wizard boss!
  • Dealing with dark creatures!
    • Noriko is actually quite skilled in the manufacture of wolfsbane potion.
  • Dealing with creatures that aren't dark!
  • Divinations of every variety!
    • Especially very good at reading tea leaves. Her predictions are precise and rarely miss.
    • Noriko is a seer, really and truly a seer. She sees actual visions of the future. Then she usually forgets them.
      • She really doesnt like being a seer, but it's the duty of a hero to use her powers for great justice.
      • "Test everything: hold fast to what is good. I am so, so sorry."
  • She does also have her areas of lesser talent…
    • Defense Against the Dark Arts. She drops her wand sometimes…
      • If only she ever really applied herself to it…
    • Transfiguration. She drops her wand sometimes…
    • Every Witch's Dream. She drops her wallet sometimes…


The short version is fuck the war lets go play quidditch. The long version is like Fight Club. Noriko doesnt speak of it.

Noriko Sakada lived a charmed childhood; she wanted for nothing, attended a prestigious school, and enjoyed immense social and athletic success both due to her uncanny knack for staying on a broom in impossible situations. She maintained unexceptional but respectable marks in her classes and was scouted for the Japanese National Quidditch Team by her sixth year. She graduated into a world on the brink of war.

That was when she learned of her most unusual talent: she predicted the Kalite assault on Tsushatoshi four days before it occurred. It did her little good, as she was not aware of her own prediction; her only observer was a Kalite agent. When Kijushou fell, she was taken in by a man named Yuzuo Aoyagi. For the next two years she fought on the wrong side of the war: she experienced four additional bouts of prophecy during the conflict, and all were used by exactly the wrong sorts of wizards.

She saw violence herself only once during the war; she killed two agents in service of Kijushou in early 2093. In the trials that followed the war, another witch was convicted and imprisoned for the slayings. She hasnt ever breathed a word of what happened to anybody.

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