Everyone's One True Pairing


Alaric x Bridget
(alternate: Bridget x Alaric)

Alaric x Cyrus
(alternate: Cyrus x Alaric)

Alaric x Elliot
(alternate: Elliot x Alaric)

Alaric x Freddie
(alternate: Freddie x Alaric)

Alaric x Gloriana
(alternate: Gloriana x Alaric)

Alaric x Hayden
(alternate: Hayden x Alaric)
probably something about werewolves and gimp suits

Alarci x Hippolytus
(alternate: Hippolytus x Alaric)

Alaric x Huang
(alternate: Huang x Alaric)

Alaric x Huian
(alternate: Huian x Alaric)

Alaric x Izzy
(alternate: Izzy x Alaric)

Alaric x Julia
(alternate: Julia x Alaric)

Alaric x Kyla
(alternate: Kyla x Alaric)

Alaric x Lilium
(alternate: Lilium x Alaric)

Alaric x Meredith
(alternate: Meredith x Alaric)

Alaric x Noriko
(alternate: Noriko x Alaric)

Alaric x Saki
(alternate: Saki x Alaric)

Alaric x Sverre
(alternate: Sverre x Alaric)

Alaric x Xia
(alternate: Xia x Alaric)


Bridget x Cyrus
(alternate: Cyrus x Bridget)

Bridget x Elliot
(alternate: Elliot x Bridget)

Bridget x Freddie
(alternate: Freddie x Bridget)

Bridget x Gloriana
(alternate: Gloriana x Bridget)

Bridget x Hayden
(alternate: Hayden x Bridget)

Bridget x Hippolytus
(alternate: Hippolytus x Bridget)

Bridget x Huang
(alternate: Huang x Bridget)
rainbow babies

Bridget x Huian
(alternate: Huian x Bridget)

Bridget x Izzy
(alternate: Izzy x Bridget)

Bridget x Julia
(alternate: Julia x Bridget)

Bridget x Kyla
(alternate: Kyla x Bridget)

Bridget x Lilium
(alternate: Lilium x Bridget)

Bridget x Meredith
(alternate: Meredith x Bridget)

Bridget x Noriko
(alternate: Noriko x Bridget)

Bridget x Saki
(alternate: Saki x Bridget)

Bridget x Sverre
(alternate: Sverre x Bridget)

Bridget x Xia
(alternate: Xia x Bridget)


Cyrus x Elliot
(alternate: Elliot x Cyrus)

Cyrus x Freddie
(alternate: Freddie x Cyrus)

Cyrus x Gloriana
(alternate: Gloriana x Cyrus)

Cyrus x Hayden
(alternate: Hayden x Cyrus)

Cyrus x Huian
(alternate: Huian x Cyrus)

Cyrus x Izzy
(alternate: Izzy x Cyrus)

Cyrus x Julia
(alternate: Julia x Cyrus)
hint: this story ends in one of them dead

Cyrus x Kyla
(alternate: Kyla x Cyrus)

Cyrus x Lilium
(alternate: Lilium x Cyrus)

Cyrus x Meredith
(alternate: Meredith x Cyrus)

Cyrus x Noriko
(alternate: Noriko x Cyrus)

Cyrus x Saki
(alternate: Saki x Cyrus)

Cyrus x Sverre
(alternate: Sverre x Cyrus)

Cyrus x Xia
(alternate: Xia x Cyrus)


Elliot x Freddie
(alternate: Freddie x Elliot)

Elliot x Gloriana
(alternate: Gloriana x Elliot)

Elliot x Hayden
(alternate: Hayden x Elliot)

Elliot x Huang
(alternate: Huang x Elliot)

Elliot x Huian
(alternate: Huian x Elliot

Elliot x Izzy
(alternate: Izzy x Elliot)

Elliot x Julia
(alternate: Julia x Elliot)

Elliot x Kyla
(alternate: Kyla x Elliot)

Elliot x Lilium
(alternate: Lilium x Elliot)

Elliot x Meredith
(alternate: Meredith x Elliot)

Elliot x Noriko
(alternate: Noriko x Elliot)

Elliot x Saki
(alternate: Saki x Elliot)

Elliot x Sverre
(alternate: Sverre x Elliot)

Elliot x Xia
(alternate: Xia x Elliot)


Freddie x Gloriana
(alternate: Gloriana x Freddie)

Freddie x Hayden
Freddie x Hippolytus
Freddie x Huang
Freddie x Huian
Freddie x Izzy
Freddie x Kyla
Freddie x Lilium
Freddie x Meredith
Freddie x Noriko
Freddie x Saki
Freddie x Sverre
Freddie x Xia


Gloriana x Hayden
Gloriana x Hippolytus
Gloriana x Huang
Gloriana x Huian
Gloriana x Izzy
Gloriana x Julia
Gloriana x Kyla
Gloriana x Lilium
Gloriana x Meredith
Gloriana x Noriko (Noriana!)
Gloriana x Saki
Gloriana x Sverre
Gloriana x Xia


Hayden x Hippolytus
Hayden x Huang
Hayden x Izzy
Hayden x Julia
Hayden x Kyla
Hayden x Lilium
Hayden x Meredith
Hayden x Noriko (noriden)
Hayden x Saki
Hayden x Sverre
Hayden x Xia


Hippolytus x Huang
Hippolytus x Huian
Hippolytus x Izzy
Hippolytus x Julia
Hippolytus x Kyla
Hippolytus x Lilium
Hippolytus x Meredith (auror bros)
Hippolytus x Noriko
Hippolytus x Saki
Hippolytus x Sverre
Hippolytus x Xia


Huang x Huian
Huang x Izzy
Huang x Julia
Huang x Kyla
Huang x Lilium
Huang x Meredith
Huang x Noriko
Huang x Saki
Huang x Sverre
Huang x Xia


Huian x Izzy
Huian x Julia
Huian x Kyla
Huian x Lilium
Huian x Meredith
Huian x Noriko
Huian x Saki
Huian x Sverre
Huian x Xia (bubblegum)


Izzy x Julia
Izzy x Kyla
Izzy x Lilium
Izzy x Meredith
Izzy x Noriko
Izzy x Saki
Izzy x Sverre
Izzy x Xia (just make out already ffs)


Julia x Kyla
Julia x Lilium
Julia x Meredith
Julia x Noriko
Julia x Saki
Julia x Sverre
Julia x Xia


Kyla x Lilium
Kyla x Meredith
Kyla x Noriko
Kyla x Saki
Kyla x Sverre
Kyla x Xia


Lilium x Meredith
Lilium x Noriko
Lilium x Saki
Lilium x Sverre
Lilium x Xia


Meredith x Noriko (damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead)
Meredith x Saki
Meredith x Sverre
Meredith x Xia


Noriko x Saki
Noriko x Sverre
Noriko x Xia (cuteness overload)


Saki x Sverre
Saki x Xia


Sverre x Xia


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