Miriama College Of Wizardry

The Miriama College of Wizardry is a wizarding school located on the Llano Estacado in the United States.


Founded by two brothers who fancied themselves both wizards and cowboys in 1907, Miriama College of Wizardry is the youngest school in North America, and the second youngest in the world (the youngest being Kavelridge in New South Wales). The founders valued both hard work of the physical variety and hard work of the magical. The founders also valued independence and self-sufficiency. Students at Miriama are, thus, given more free reign than students at other schools may be familiar with.

On top of normal magic lessons, Miriama also requires mandatory manual labor without the use of magic, to instill in its pupils an understanding of the benefits and pleasures of good hard work. Common activities outside of classes include working in the various barns on the campus, helping in the kitchens, or helping to clean the main rooms of the school. Students are often selected to help with both magical and non-magical creatures, though they may elect for other forms of labor training if animals are not their forte.

Any student caught using magic to complete their tasks receives punishment, usually in the form of being left wandless somewhere on the property overnight.

Miriama has not involved itself in any rivalries with other schools, although it does have both Quadpot and Quidditch teams. As Miriama does not have houses, all teams are student created and governed, with a professor-sponsor. The Quidditch and Quadpot cups are, surprisingly, not the fiercest competitions at the school. That honor lays in the wizarding rodeo that takes place in the final month of each school year. Much like a muggle rodeo, things such as roping, whip cracking, barrel racing, and bull riding are common activities. There are also events related to magical creatures, however, and it isn't considered a good rodeo unless at least five contestants end the day severely wounded.

School Layout

The school itself is a large, sprawling ranch on an even larger range. AS far from any muggle or magical person as it can get, Miriama is in one of the most remote parts of the Llano Estacado. It looks like any other ranch from the edge of the property, ringed in barbed wire fence with wooden gates. But no buildings are visible from the dusty gravel roads, and the long drive goes for several miles before you reach the main campus.

The main campus is similar to what one might expect from an American summer camp. There is a large building with screen covered windows (the glass raised up in the warm months) that serves as a mess hall, the kitchens at the back of and partially beneath it, and a variety of large buildings surrounding it in typical wood-cabin and ranch styles. These buildings hold offices, professor quarters, and classrooms.

Dirt pathways and gravel roads spread out away from the central hub of classrooms and the mess hall. Student housing is reached by following the pathways north and south of the main campus buildings, with the girls' cabins to the south and the boys' cabins to the north. The cabins are arranged by year, with two cabins dedicated to each year for both girls and boys. Each cabin has communal bathrooms for the residents, and all cabins have communal areas with both magical entertainment and muggle entertainment. It is not uncommon to see games of exploding snap being played while someone else is playing ping-pong across the room.

The rest of the pathways on campus lead to various locations and activities on campus. While the school is a school, it also is a fully functioning ranch, and boasts a herd of 5000 cattle. Miriama also has a number of horse barns, and encourages students to find and tend a horse they like. On top of non-magical creatures, there are also a variety of barns boasting creatures of the magical variety including: a herd of thestrals, the world's only captive Re'em, a herd of pegasi, several kneazles, a large number of jarveys to keep the gnomes out of the gardens and greenhouses, and a number of crups.

The Quidditch and Quadpot pitch is also accessible from the dirt pathways, and is located next to a large, wizard-made lake that is there for the student's leisure.


Miriama does not have houses, nor do they have names for their years. Students are simply divided by sex and year. Younger students have fewer freedoms than older students, and older students are expected to help keep the younger ones in line. While professors do not sleep in or near the student cabins, nightly patrols take place to keep students in line.

Little Lubbock

The wizarding community of Little Lubbock is the closest to Miriama, though not the only one within an "accessible" distance. It is, however, the school sanctioned off-campus place to visit. The community is made up of a number of wizarding ranchers and farmers, as well as shops dedicated to the school and to student entertainment. The town features a few restaurants and diners, as well as a couple of bars that older students (17 and up), may patronize.

The town itself is spread out enough to feel big, without actually being overly large. It boasts a community center, a rodeo arena, and several places where line-dancing is as likely to happen as a bar fight.

Students may visit Little Lubbock at any age, so long as they have permission from their parent or guardian, and so long as they maintain an A-average in the majority of their classes. Students who refuse to participate in any manual labor activities are restricted from visiting Little Lubbock.

Students may visit the town on weekends and in the evenings, and the campus provides a bus to shuttle students to and from the town. Students must be on the last bus to Miriama at 10 PM sharp, otherwise they will be stranded in the town overnight, until the first bus returns at 4 PM the next day.

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