Meredith Porthman
Personal Information
Name Meredith Owen Porthman
Birthdate 22 (November 11th, 2075)
Blood Status Muggle Born
Place of Birth Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales
Occupation Auror; Department of Magical Law Enforcement
School Information
Schools Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Houses Ravenclaw
N.E.W.T.s • Charms - Exceeds Expectations
• D.A.D.A - Outstanding
• Herbology - Exceeds Expectations
• Muggle Studies - Outstanding
• Potions - Exceeds Expectations
• Transfiguration - Outstanding
Wand Hawthorn, 11¾", Phoenix feather
Broom Suisei VIII
Pets Aleicester, the Puffin.
Bobby, the Bull Terrier.
Worcester, the Singing Plant
Other • Onyx Rosary (with a story).
• Yellow and black smiley face pin.
• A house in Wales. Because he's an adult.


By way of birth, Porthman is a product of Celtic and Indo-Iranian (Sindhi) ancestry. He has olive skin that readily tans, vivid green eyes, and dull black hair that bleaches with sun exposure. He is relatively tall, deceptively lean, but solidly toned. In fashion, he holds comfort a high priority. The staples of his wardrobe are a soft tee (with or without graphics), a pair of fitted jeans, and a lace-up pair of leather boots that must have been black at one time or another (barring those, colorful sneakers or house shoes will do). Cardigans, sweaters, and scarves are all equally likely to grace his presence.

Despite knowing full well how to dress himself, he never seems to be presentable: there is an utterly relaxed, lazy quality to his expression and presentation. Rest assured, he cleans up nice - even if it's just a consolation prize. Undressed, the young auror reveals "ich sage Lügen" carved, scarred over, and repeated ad nauseam over his shoulders and back.


Porthman - or 'Mop', as he is sometimes known among his peers - is a respectably clever person who hides under a veneer of hebetude. On the job and set upon a task, Mop can sometimes suffer anxiety-driven obsession born by frustration. Otherwise, he leans toward easy-going and works well with others when he feels his voice is being heard. He does not, however, take well to working against his will in a subservient position and quickly becomes argumentative, tactless, and direct when pressured in such a way.

Despite his attempts to diverge from a path of dishonesty, he retains a somewhat suspicious - or maybe, aloof - quality. Another hard-to-kill, awful habit is how he carries over Muggle pop-culture references and vices - often including them in social situations. All said, Mop is a loyal and steadfast friend, once made. Romantic in his philosophies, he believes in second chances and that no human is intrinsically evil.


Meredith has uncanny spatial awareness and coordination via natural ability and years of sports training: he was a Beater on Ravenclaw's Quidditch team when he attended Hogwarts - good enough (at least, in his head) to go professional. This encouraged an interest in the national sport of all drunkards and Irishmen: boxing. He is capable of quick, critical judgments and decisions in the field. That, along with being a fair negotiator in a pinch, is just about where his field skills end. His less-important abilities are his fluency in Welsh and his outstanding knowledge on all things Muggle. He can still weave an expert fabrication or forgery - a talent that may be better off unsaid. It is because of this skill that he picked up another: he has an eye for deception and an ear for lies.

In the magical arts, Mop is skilled in select areas outside of the requirements for his profession. He shows particular strength in the (defence against the) dark arts - including jinxes, hexes, curses, and counter-spells - and transfigurations. Despite his proclivity toward death, destruction, and disfiguration, Mop is also handy with healing. His impulses and go-tos default with more combative, flashy, and explosive magic.


Meredith Porthman came from a Muggle home in Cardiff. His parents always hoped he'd become a surgeon, but fate had other plans for little Meredith. It was a surprise that turned into a joke when his letter came—and ultimately, a disappointment. During his time at Hogwarts (which he attended much to his parents' dismay and disbelief), Meredith was a mediocre student. A classic case of laziness. Some couldn't fathom how he'd been sorted into Ravenclaw at all. He got his thrills by testing his limits and covered his tracks by addling those who might wish him anything but the best with lie after ridiculous lie. Still, he was a strong asset to the house's Quidditch team and stuck to his position (sometimes just by the skin of his teeth) from the time he was cast until the end of his schooling. He made friends fast and loose, but retained a fairly close relationship with Izzy Iwamura and Xia Lavine, but his longest-lasting and closest friendship was unquestionably forged with Gloriana Boulstridge.

For a long while, Meredith's only dream was to go professional in the sport. A disturbance near the end of his attendance, a run-in with dark magic, and a particularly unhinged encounter changed his opinion on his course in life. When Gloriana took up arms to reclaim Hogwarts, Meredith was inexplicably chosen to take up the public face after the loss of Archie Tolbein. After things were sorted with Hogwarts, his grades turned right around, his ethic improved, and Porthman ultimately graduated with NEWTS high enough to achieve his new dream: the path of the Auror.

Training wasn't easy and he's still a little green, but he remains enthusiastic and confident. At home in the Auror office, Meredith often likes to post little notes on the community board with nonsensical statistics on his coworkers. He makes common company of Hippolytus Botts when not specifically assigned elsewhere.

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