Lupin and Weasley Protections


Lupin & Weasley Protections, oft called L&W Protections, as the name appears on the rusted metal sign hanging over the door, is a store specializing in items of defensive value.



The storefront is nearly a century old, but still more modern than some of the more ancient boutiques along the alleyway. A thick iron sign hangs above the doorway with flaking old gold letters depicting 'L&W Protection'. The small wooden windows at the street side are cleaned regularly, but still maintain a permanent frosted look about the edges, obscuring the contents of the shop from the outside. An enchanted sign lights up neon blue and red with the words 'Open' through one of the larger panes, mimicking the muggle signs.


The Store occupies 'prime' real estate just down from the entrance to Knockturn Alley, a beacon of light keeping the Dark Arts hidden away where they belong. It is across the street and three doors down from Kindlebird's Wand and Charm Shop.

Products and Services

Lupin & Weasley Protections was originally founded by Ted Lupin and Victoire Lupin(nee Weasley) to provide protective items of all kinds to the masses. Custom made Invisibility Cloaks, hats imbued with shielding charms to protect the wearer, enchanted jewelry to prevent the effects of love potions or other compulsion charms. In addition, over the years the Lupin men have provided magical security to people and places alike when their services were requested, or when the Aurors were too busy, the Ministry would hire them as security contractors.

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