Lilliput's Tea And Bakery


Lilliput's, owned by Abigail Lilliput, is a small and cozy tea shop and bakery in the same vein as a Starbucks. Everything is hand made, blended, and brewed, with a bit of magical flourish. It is a popular place to do some reading or catch up with friends, or just warm up on a chilly day.


The shop is a small hole-in-the-wall one-story with dark earthy colors for the exterior. Deep red and brown, with a wrought iron fence around the patio out front. There is no gate, simply an open spot in the fence parallel to the door. The front is made up of windows with swooping white lettering declaring the name of the shop. The specials of the day are written on the window in the front door in the same script. Inside, the shop is cozy and comfortable, a scattering of tables take up much of the small space. The tables are comfortable and uniquely sectioned off by floating screens. Despite the how crowded it is, it's easy to feel like you're in your own private booth. The counter and baked goods case are toward the back of the shop, which smells like fresh bread and pastries, as well as fresh brewed tea and coffee. Lilliput's has lower lighting levels and a very laid-back atmosphere.


In Diagon Alley, directly across the way from Gringotts.

Products and Services

Teas, coffee, and fresh baked goods. Contact a day before if you need a large order.

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