Lilium Lovecraft
Personal Information
Name Lilium Shea Lovecraft
Birthdate 23, 9/16
Blood Status Muggle Born
Place of Birth Aberdeen, Scotland
Occupation Previous Witch Watcher for the Ministry of Magic. Current employee of L&W Protections
School Information
Schools Hogwarts
Houses Ravenclaw
N.E.W.T.s • Charms - Outstanding
• D.A.D.A – Excceds Expectations
• Herbology - Exceeds Expectations
• Ancient Runes – Outstanding
• Muggle Studies – Exceeds Expectations
• Potions - Acceptable
• Transfiguration – Exceeds Expectations
• Care of Magical Creatures- Exceeds Expectations
• History of Magic- Acceptable
Wand Cedar Vine with Dragon Heartstring 11 in
Broom Cleansweep Capitane
Pets Majestic black cat named Mortimer
Other •Always has some sort of Sweet
•An array of badass shades


Slender and strong. Long fiery hair. Large moss green eyes. Lilium eats healthy and does Yoga, keeping a fit form. Some are thrown off by the multidue of freckles splattered across her olive skin, but few can ignore those large, moss green eyes. She has long eyelashes and strong legs. Dainty feet and dubious hands.

  • Height: 5’3
  • Weight: 125
  • Distinguishing Features:
    • Raven side tattoos
    • Billions of freckles


At Hogwarts Lilium was a bit of a wallflower, a study bug. She had a love for nature and preferred animals over her classmates. Despite being Muggle raised she excelled, especially in Herbology. After leaving Hogwarts she accepted a position with the Ministry as a Witch Watcher. The “Spy Life” added a little spice to that already passionate personality. Stable and hardy little fire bug.

Notable Skills

  • Full of useless information involving both the Wizarding and Muggle world
  • Holds way too much alcohol for her weight
  • Wondrous at baking, cooking and baking delicious treats
  • Is very creative and resourceful, making her quite the puzzle solver
  • Speaks decent Gaelic
  • Learned con tricks/games during one of her Witch Watching assignments. She was "underground" for almost a year

Magical Skills

  • Strengths: Herbology and dealing with Magical Creatures comes naturally to her. Very skilled in Ancient Runes and using/understanding magical items
    • Is wonderful at being aloof and blending in thanks to Transfiguration skills and her Witch Watcher training
  • Weaknesses: Poor at potions despite her green thumb. Failed terribly at Divination. Could never produce a decent Patronus.
  • Notable Abilities: Animagus transformation into an Orange Tiger Cat

Brief History

Lilium Lovecraft was born to a Muggle pair of Authors in Scotland. She was baffled when she got her owl letter from Hogwarts, but her parents didn’t seem all that surprised. She had a magical green thumb in their eyes. With their love and support she joined the respectable Ravenclaws.

After finishing school she was accepted into Witch Watcher training at the Ministry. Once on the team she helped to watch some “dubious fellows”, but after so many years of peace the shimmer of the job and grown dim.

Lilium answered the ad of a Mr. Lupin. He was looking for a new store hand as well as a new “problem solver”. She was his gal and was hired after a quick interview. It wasn’t the same pay or benefits, but she was too young for “settling”.

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