Kyla Wickham
Personal Information
Name Kyla Wickham
Birthdate 22 (September 13, 2075)
Blood Status Half-blood
Place of Birth Cape Town, South Africa
Occupation Healer, St Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Maladies
School Information
Schools Graduate from Anhuala School of the Medium, Nile Delta: Egypt
Houses Ward of Osiris
N.E.W.T.s • Ancient Runes: E
• Care of Magical Creatures: E
• Charms: O
• Defense Against the Dark Arts: E
• Herbology: O
• Potions: O
• Transfiguration: O
Wand 10” Myrtle and Fenghuang Feather
Broom Nope.
Pets Hades, a Pied Crow.
A gift from her father, Hades’ nest mate is her brother’s familiar.
Other An always ready packed healer kit, charmed to self replenish as needed, the supplies are swapped out from her own supply that is fully stocked from home. This pack is always kept on her person at all times.


At a glance Kyla is able to blend into a crowd and as such can hide in plain sight when necessary, but this talent doesn’t work so well on those familiar to her as the little spitfire can be distinguished by her relatively shorter than average stature and somewhat exotic features. Teamed with the darker features from her mother’s side Kyla could stand out in a group, but since joining the St Mungo’s team she has learnt to be quick on her feet and prepared for anything at a moment’s notice.

  • Height: 5’4”
  • Weight: 112 lbs
  • Distinguishing Features: Is never seen without a bag, whether it’s a backpack or a simple satchel Kyla never goes anywhere without a fully prepared medical kit. The bag on hand will always have a ready stash of field medical effects and with it her wand.


Stubborn by nature she has somewhat of a driven attitude, especially when it comes to spells and most things relating, but this streak of stubbornness has proven somewhat of a flaw in the sense that if she deems any action or object mundane in any way she’ll stop right then. Contradicting that is her ability to not back down, especially when challenged. She’s rather keen to prove herself and also she’s more curious than most, a little habit she has yet to kick, but for now it remains. Choice words could be used as a description, namely: scrappy as well as opportunistic, a curious pair but rather apt in meaning, when forced to Kyla can become a force to be reckoned with and yet she is also known to be quite crafty too leading to her becoming quite the eccentric yet very much capable healer.

Notable Skills

Having seemingly inherited her father’s gift for healing, Kyla seems to have a natural flair for magic within this branch, but she wasn’t all too fazed about the idea, instead she showed a keen interest toward becoming a fully fledged animagus as well as the branch of magic from which it originates throughout most of her schooling career. However her high school interests quickly changed after she finished her final year at Anhuala, she pursued a career in healing and focused her natural talent in areas she believed would be more constructive. Working at St. Mungo’s has proven quite the challenge despite all her talent and skill with regard to healing, however she has demonstrated that she is quite the capable healer and has since made somewhat of a name for herself within the healer community.

Kyla spent most of her childhood between Egypt and South Africa, her time spent between countries has led to her gaining a basic fluency with both Egyptian and some of the local languages from home, however she opts to keep English as her dialect of choice.

Magical Skills

  • Strengths:
    • Kyla is a qualified Potions Mistress, it is not a title she flaunts, but she has proven herself a very capable Potioneer.
    • Having shown such an interest in Transfiguration from early on she has gained a slight proficiency within the branch of magic, the spellwork though tough has always held her interest and as a side project she has been known to dabble into the Animagi process. (No such luck as of yet, but she continues to experiment nonetheless)
  • Weaknesses:
    • After a horrific flying accident during Quidditch trials in her second year Kyla is terrified of heights and pretty much anything relating to it, as such she has not touched a broom in years and will not willingly go near any windows above the second floor of a building.
    • Duelling is not something she’s good at and this might have something to do with her chosen profession, at any rate Kyla may be able to defend herself and others but she is no fighter.
  • Notable Abilities:
    • Having her father’s knack for healing she is becoming increasingly fluent with wandless magic, but only with healing spells and anything healer related spells. Although she’s tried this with other spellwork it seems like this trick is limited to her healing only.


Basics about her family are known, but further more she keeps hidden, no reasons have been given as to why and she has refused say anything more. Perhaps there may be a little more to all that stubbornness after all. More recent updates would include her moving into an apartment of her own, a small place not too far from the condemned department store which hides the St. Mungo’s Hospital building. She has been a UK resident for a couple years now and has shown little interest in moving back home, it would seem as though Kyla has found herself a home and with all the goings on in the magical world she is more than happy to be a part of it all.

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