Kindlebird's Wand And Charm Shop


Kindlebird's, owned by Robert Kindlebird, is a wand shop for those seeking their first wand (or a replacement). It is also a specialty charm shop for the "charm spell challenged".


Kindlebird's shop front is a simple one, blending in with the shops around it save for the sunset orange lettering above the door and window, and on the window itself. The door is also painted sunset orange (Kindlebird's favorite color). The interior is warm and inviting, with the main floor in the front dedicated to various charmed items available for purchase. The collection of wands are located behind the counter and in the back. Also in the back is a cozy employee break-area and kitchen, and Kindlebird's wand-making room. The building is a two story building, the upstairs being home to Kindlebird's apartment.


The shop is located at the opposite end of Diagon Alley from the Leaky Cauldron.

Products and Services

  • Wands: Kindlebird sells hand crafted wands, most of which are made with the "usual" wand components found in Britain, as established by Ollivander in the 1900s. Also sells some rarer wands, with "exotic" woods and cores, provided to him by traveling friends such as Aaron Huxtable.
  • Charms: Capitalizing on the "charm spell challenged" market, Kindlebird's sells items that have been imbued with certain charms, enabling the wearer to flawlessly cast that particular charm, or to place that particular charm on specific things. Kindlebird's also offers to charm specific items for an extra fee, be it for protective purposes or else.
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