Katysha Dalca
Personal Information
Name Katysha "Calico Katya" Dalca
Birthdate 48 (December 11th, 2049)
Blood Status Pure
Place of Birth Vatra Dornei, Romania
Occupation Broommaker, Professional Enigma
Calico Katya's Awesome Brooms, Ltd.
School Information
Schools Beauxbatons Academy of Magic
Houses None
N.E.W.T.s • Astronomy: O
• Charm: O
• Herbology: E
• Potions: E
• Transfiguration: E
Wand 10", Acacia and Satyr Horn
Broom You want brooms? I have many brooms!
Pets Cosmina the wonder-ferret
• The Calico Fleet, thirteen snowy owls
Other • A dusty storefront in Bucharest that never opens
• A rather unusual map
• An extensive collection of knives, because that's not creepy at all


Katysha is a touch androgynous, with the sort of face that could fit on any body, and she plays that up remorselessly. Short-cropped but vaguely feminine hair, usually but not always some deep shade of red. Little makeup, if any, save for a frequent use of eyeshadow. A distinct tendency towards wearing men's clothes, and wearing them goddamn well. Katysha has the hips to bear a pencil skirt and the presence to fill a three-piece suit. She doesn't dress to stand out in a crowd, but nor does she necessarily dress to blend in. She's just unrepentantly comfortable in her own skin, and acts the part.

She is not especially tall, standing around sixty-seven inches, though she often enhances that with heeled boots. Her voice is quite distinct, low and soft, with the earliest ravages of bourbon and tobacco creeping in at the edges.


Katysha Dalca is a professional enigma. Under her professional name, Calico Katya, she's a broommaker who never shows her face - her business model is built on mystique, scarcity, and exceptional quality. She takes great pride in her work and in her carefully crafted public identity. Which leads to the reality of Katysha Dalca, an acutely intelligent, disciplined, and self-aware woman with a plan. Myriad plans, in fact, in carefully nested priorities. She thinks quickly and thinks far ahead, and never makes a move without considering it from dozens of possible angles. She has few friends, and doesn't make friends easily, but she has many acquaintances and business contacts. She means to leave a mark on the world, and she doesn't waste time on pursuits unsuited to that goal.


  • Artisinal Talents!
    • Her trade is broommaking, and she's an exquisite artist with wood and inlay, metalwork and metallurgy, lacquer and paint. Indeed, one of the major selling points of her brooms is the beauty and artistry of her handmade works.
    • A profoundly skilled enchantress - Katysha's knowledge of both charms and transfigurations are mostly geared towards the construction and improvement of her craft. While she uses many familiar techniques in her work, she's also the creator of a small library of charms and spells specifically aimed for the shaping and modification of wood and metal, and the enhancement of the operation of broomsticks.
    • A potioneer of not-insignificant ability, Katysha's practical knowledge of the art is actually rather limited. Of greater import are the brews she invented for the refinement of her materials: brews to temper iron and imbue new life in dead wood. Naturally, her knowledge is geared more towards alchemical study than traditional potionry.
    • Part of the notoriously slow cycle of production for Katysha's brooms relates to the strength of her knowledge of Astronomy. It may be nothing more than superstition, but Katysha does her work on an exactingly planned schedule based on the movements of moons and planets.
  • Broomhandling!
    • Katysha is a skilled flier. She went into the business of crafting broomsticks out of a profound love for flight, and a desire to make something better than the implements she grew up knowing.
  • Domestic Pursuits!
    • She has additional skills as variable as they are unusual: forestry and conservation, equine husbandry, ferret wrangling, sheep shearing, the safety dance, blacksmithing, gemcutting, and the preparation of delectable vegetarian meatballs.
  • Katysha is a superb occlumens, learned from paranoia about the loss of her many secrets.
  • Katysha has an impressive collection of, and knowledge regarding the use of, obscure magical devices.


The Pensieve does not lie, so much as I sometimes wish it would.

I am fourteen years old, and it is two days after the destruction of Hogwarts. Beauxbatons is in disarray, Headmistress Vilonne is nowhere to be found. We do not know what is to come, but we are all of us certain, beyond any shadow of any doubt, that our world is changed forever. That we cannot go back. That this wound will not heal.

I am sixteen years old, and the great war is at its zenith. I work in England now, for Ellerby and Spudmore. The legacy of the old masters of the craft is disappointingly lost upon its current keepers, but I work even so. I know we are providing weapons to Kali and her people, and I worry that we are backing the wrong side, but I know not what else we can do. The Ministry has fallen. We are not warriors, and there is no relief coming. I will survive.

I am twenty-two years old, and accepting the pardon of Jasper Tranh. He is Britain's new Minister, the first since the end of the war. He tells me he understands why I did not fight. I tell him that I should have, and that I cannot accept his pardon. I tell him I am not English, but I am sorry for the pain I helped to inflict upon England. He is a kind man, and smiles at me. He places a hand on my shoulder, though I dislike being touched. He tells me I am not to blame for the actions of Kali, and that this is not contingent upon my acceptance. I am welcome in England. We must close the wounds of the war, he says. But I know that such wounds take more than kind words.

I am fourty-four years old, and the world is at war again. Vatra Dornei is in flames. I do not know Erik Calutain, but he knows me. He says I can aid him in setting right the world, or I can vanish in the ashes of history. I do not bow to his threats. I fight, but he is stronger than I am. He does not kill me, though he has every opportunity. There is something else that demands his attention. I never find out what. Darkness takes me before I can.

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