Kali Anmalyashonjir

Kali Anmalyashonjir was an Auror and the primary instigator of decades-long conflicts known collectively as the Auror Wars. In her early career, she was considered an exceptionally talented witch, and most assumed she was destined for great things within the Himalayan Auror Department. She proved destined for great things, but few could have foreseen what she would bring about.

Masterfully working her charms on Aurors throughout the world, at the age of 23 Kali launched the Auror Insurrection, backed by thousands of Aurors from every Ministry and magical authority in the known world. Her attempted coup lasted four months, and ultimately failed - the betrayal of one of her key lieutenants, Haruhi Kojima, effectively ended her, as Kojima took a great deal of very sensitive information to Kijushou.

Armed with intimate knowledge of the Auror's plans and movements, the ministries struck back hard, and most of Kali's followers were severely reprimanded. In the aftermath, the Auror departments were limited greatly in scope and authority.

Kali was assumed dead, but she reappeared decades later for the Second Auror War, where she was responsible for the theft of the Seeing Stones, which she used to find the location of the Gates of Anhuala in a bid for eternal life and endless power. She was stopped at the Gates by an unlikely group of students - Mazzy Lavine, Rebekah Addison, Ty Collins, and Jade Black - and she died there in combat.

During the Seven Month War, Kali returned to the world of the living through the use of the Resurrection Stone. Her new life was kept secret from all but her most devout followers until the war turned hot, and the major battles at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry left hundreds dead and sparked a new age of paranoia and uncertainty in the wizarding community. Kali was assumed dead in the final battle of the Seven Month War, but her body was never recovered.

During the thirteen years known as The Quiet, little was heard from either Kali or her cult of personality. However, in 2092, the Kalite faction asserted itself one final time. Kali, who had escaped her last battle at Hogwarts in the guise of Red Beovan by use of polyjuice potion, didn't make her survival known until early 2093, when the Anhuala War was already well underway. With her followers already in control of key positions at the Ministry of Magic, Magikonsortium, Kijushou, Bureau of Arcana, and Wizard's Congress, Kali allowed the world to fight over politics while she made one final play for immortality. Unable to recover the Seeing Stones a second time, she instead allowed Izzy Iwamura and Xia Lavine to lead her to the Gates of Anhuala, where she confronted the students. Kali fought them to a standstill, and thanks to the intervention of Erik Calutain, she passed through the Gates, achieving the immortality she so craved.

She never returned from the Gates, however - Izzy Iwamura destroyed the doorway before Kali could pass through, presumably trapping her in the world beyond.


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