Julia Harjo
Personal Information
Name Julia "Jules" Harjo
Birthdate 32 (July 31, 2066)
Blood Status Half-blood
Place of Birth Portland, Oregon, USA
Occupation Auror for the U.S. Wizard Congress
School Information
Schools Candlecross Witching Institute
Houses N/A
N.E.W.T.s • Ancient Runes: O
• Arithmancy: E
• Care of Magical Creatures: O
• Charms: O
• Defense Against the Dark Arts: O
• Herbology: E
• Potions: O
• Transfiguration: O
Wand Dawn redwood, Petal wing, 10½"
Broom Nimbus Millenium
Pets • Maggie: An orange and white munchkin cat.
• Koda: A white with brown markings ball python.
• Edgar: A tri-color Pembroke Welsh Corgi.
• Darcy: A barn owl.
Other • Assorted things at her home in the US.
• Generally travels with Edgar and Darcy.
• A variety of auror devices she carries in her steamer trunk.
• Assorted items related to cases she's currently assigned.


Tall, slender, and lean muscled, there is no doubt that Jules is an athletic person. Dark hair falls to just below her jaw, cut at a sharp, smart angle. Her face is angular, though pretty. She tends to dress conservatively or professionally at the office and for events, but outside of work and while in the field, her clothing tends toward the comfortable and easy-to-move-in.

  • Height: 5'10"
  • Weight: 165 lbs.
  • Distinguishing Features: Clawmarks across her left forearm and her stomach. A tattoo on her right upper arm of a coyote paw print.


Jules prefers a serious and professional demeanor when she's working. She's rarely seen as the kind who jokes around while on the clock. Off the clock, she does exhibit a sense of humor, though it often comes across as dry, dark, and sarcastic. Many of her colleagues find her to be a very good partner to work with, albeit something of a bitter pill to swallow. She's cynical, determined, and overall seems jaded due to the stresses of her field. She wouldn't have it any other way, though. Her work energizes her, makes her thrive. She has an intense dislike for any criminal that gets off easy or gets away, and she has no qualms about keeping an eye on them, even if they have completely "reformed".

Those who know her well will also mention that she is inventive and clever, and her most successful captures involved tricking her target into a trap or ambush. She likes to tease people outside of work, and has been known to play pranks and tricks on her friends.

Notable Skills

  • Non-magical disguise.
  • Mixed martial arts.
  • Naturally light on her feet and quiet.
  • Skilled archer.
  • Painting and drawing in her spare time. A few of her paintings have been placed in "Native Art" museums in the United States.

Magical Skills

  • Strengths:
    • Defensive spells and offensive hexes and curses.
    • Magical disguise spells and charms.
    • Potion making.
    • Adept flier.
  • Weaknesses:
    • Healing spells beyond the basics.
    • Near crippling fear of dementors due to the bad memories they call up.
    • Fear of werewolves.
    • Preoccupation with a particular group of dark wizards from the United States.
  • Notable Abilities:
    • Skilled duelist. Placed within the top 5 duelists in North America, within the top 25 in the world.
    • Can produce a corporal patronus charm in the shape of a coyote.
    • Capable of the animagus transformation. Takes the form of a coyote.

Brief History

Jules spent the majority of her childhood in Oregon, until she was accepted into Candlecross. Her father married a muggle woman, and spent much of his married life pretending not to have magic, his wand locked away as he immersed himself in the muggle world. At first, he resisted sending his daughter to a magical school, but her abilities were manifesting themselves so frequently and regularly that he had little choice in the matter.

She experienced a bit of a culture shock when she made it to Candlecross, but she threw herself into her school work and studies. Visits home became strained, as it became increasingly obvious that Jules had no desire to follow her father's life path of blending in among the muggles. Upon graduation, Jules applied to the Wizard Congress's Auror training academy. Her hard study and practical training were put to the test, and two years later she became a junior auror.

She has worked with the auror department since, and her resolve to take down as many dark witches and wizards as possible has only grown over the years after witnessing the destruction and havoc they cause.

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