Jodo-myeon National School of Magic


The Jodo-myeon Nation School of Magic is a wizarding school located in the Jindo County in South Korea

Located just off the coast of Jindo Island on Jodo-myeon, the School was founded over seven hundred years ago and was built in the traditional Korean style. It is, of course, unplottable, and the entire island is a warded against muggles. It is the only purely Wizarding area in all of South Korea.


Jodo-myeon is a public school, and as such is free for all Witches or Wizards in both Korea's to attend.

The first school term begins March 1st classes begin the next day(or later if the 1st is a Friday or Saturday). The first term ends on June 15th, and Summer break goes to August 30th. The Second Term then begins, going from August 30th until the beginning of February.

School Layout

The school is built in the tradition of Korean palaces, with massive sprawling grounds and buildings separated by up to 500 meters. The buildings are all interconnected by roofed paths, and are laid out with the massive Great Hall building as the center, where students eat meals and hear major announcements.

Jodo-myeon is not split into houses, instead students are sorted into the dormitories by their year and the quarter of the year they were born.


The School is known for it's progressive view on education, although it is not nearly as strict as the muggle system in Korea. Algebra and Muggle Studies(which includes the sciences, arts, and history) are required courses, as is at least one foreign language. Depending on the language chosen, students are given the option to study abroad at a number of Foreign Schools as part of their life experience.


The township of Jodo is the only all-magical area in South Korea. It consists of a small archipelago and lies on the far Southwestern tip of the Korean peninsula. The town sports several large beaches and a few shopping areas, and has been exclusively magical since the construction of the Jodo-myeon National School of Magic. There are several smaller villages on the different islands, and even on the main island the built up areas are separated by well worn paths and hewn-stone steps.

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