Jin Sae-Hee
Personal Information
Name Jin Sae-Hee
Birthdate 2/28/72 (26)
Blood Status Muggleborn
Place of Birth Seoul, Republic of Korea
Occupation Model/Actress
School Information
Schools Jodo-Myeon (1st-6th years)
Hogwarts (7th year)
Houses Hufflepuff
N.E.W.T.s • Ancient Runes - A
• Arithmancy - EE
• Charms - O
• DADA - O
• Herbology - A
• Potions - EE
• Transfiguration - EE
Wand 11" Rigid, Cherry with Haetae Whisker
Broom Suisei V
Pets Oliver the black cat
Other Canvas Messenger Bag - It's bigger on the inside!
• Samsung Mini Point'n'Shoot Camera
Sogeum(Small Bamboo Flute)


Sae-Hee is a beautiful young woman with long legs and smooth, symmetrical features. Long-legged, lithe, and confident, it came as little surprise that she ended up as a model both in the muggle and wizarding worlds.

Height - 5'3"
Weight - 109lbs
Distinguishing Features - None? Generally very fashionable.


Sae-Hee tends to be fairly outgoing, though of course she comes from a more conservative society, so it's all relative. In any case, she is both confident and diligent, never leaving a job undone or a friend unmade. While no doubt intelligent she seems to have no 'natural talent' for anything(except acting), in that her aptitude for something is directly proportional to the amount of time she spends practicing it.


  • Performer
    • Acting was one of the few things that she took to easily, like a fish to water. She was offered a few minor roles after making her debut as a model.
    • Modelling was not the job she expected to take once she finished school, but when the offer came it was too good for her to pass up. Now there are pictures of her everywhere, from makeup advertisements to the runway.
    • Perhaps as a side effect from being on camera all the time, she ended up being quite good at photography as well.
  • Polyglot
    • Thanks in part to Jodo-Myeon's rigorous required course load and in part to her chosen profession, Sae-Hee speaks several languages at a native to fluent level, including Korean, Japanese, Mandarin, and English. She is also attempting to learn French and German, but has not yet had the time to properly invest in learning them.
  • Charms
    • Sae-Hee loves charms, and as a result quite a bit of her study-time was taken up by the subject. That, combined with her tendency to work extremely hard lead to her being considered something of a Charms Master, though of course she isn't quite at that level.
  • Defense Against the Dark Arts
    • Given the climate of the Wizarding World in her youth, DADA was heavily emphasized by the Korean Ministry, Jodo-myeon, and indeed herself. Therefore she is quite accomplished in combating the dark arts, especially when dealing with Charms of a defensive nature.
  • Corporeal Patronus
    • It's a charm, so of course she's perfected it. Her Patronus takes the form of an Asian Leopard Cat.
    • Sae-Hee did play a bit of Quidditch(she was a chaser) and do a bit of Broom Racing in school, but dropped them in favor of academic pursuits after her 5th year. Though she hasn't particularly taken then up since then, she's still quite talented at both.


The Republic of Korea attempted for decades to stay removed from the numerous conflicts taking place all over the world. They, of course, failed miserably. The tension finally spilled over in the middle of the Second Auror War. Ever since then, Korea has been on a heightened state of alert, and the populous has been kept on edge. Sae-Hee was born just before the period known as 'The Quiet', and by the time she began attending Jodo-Myeon, the majority of the tension had finally dissipated. While there were still rumors and stories of dangerous things happening, none of them were happening in Korea. So her school days and youth were spent mostly carefree, although there was always the slightest hint that the status quo was just on the verge of changing in an extremely bad way. It never particularly did until after she graduated.

She attended Hogwarts for the 89-90 school year, and thus thankfully avoided the danger that seems to follow the castle like a plague. The year she was there was one of the very few 'peaceful' years the school has ever seen since being founded, and she was happy to have had the opportunity to study and make friends in those hallowed halls.

A few years after her graduation, the Anhuala War began, and like many people at the time she was very nearly killed. She spent the remainder of the war in the muggle world, staying separated from the Wizarding world and working on her modelling career. Since then her career has exploded and she's been in commercials, movies, fashion shows and more in both the muggle and wizarding worlds.

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