Jade Black
Public Records
Name • Jade Loki Black
Birthdate • October 31, 2045 (53 years old)
Blood Status • Impure
Place of Birth • London, England
Occupation • Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement
• Retired Professor of Potions at Hogwarts
School Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Hanakotoba School of Magic
House Ravenclaw
  • Personal Life
    • Jade Black married Tyler Collins in 2078. They have three children, the oldest being Hanna Collins-Black.
    • Before taking up work with the Ministry of Magic, Black fancied herself a future master chef, and created a plethora of strange recipes. Some of her friends have gone on record about her culinary exploits, with mixed reviews.
    • Black maintains close ties with Rebekah Addison.
    • Black is half-blooded, the child of a witch mother and vampire father.
  • Professional Life
    • Jade Black was thrust against her will into the Second Auror War during her seventh year as a student. She was deeply skeptical of Haruhi Kojima, who nonetheless entrusted her with many unsavory tasks, and in the end, was one of the four to face Kali Anmalyashonjir during the battle at the Gate of Anhuala.
    • Following the war, Black joined the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, becoming an Auror. Her career path left her estranged from many of her friends, as in the immediate aftermath of the violence, few held Aurors in high esteem.
    • In 2069, Tyler Collins convinced Black to teach at the newly-reconstructed Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry as Professor of Potions. She stayed with the school until 2079.
    • Black played a minor role in the Seven Month War, aiding in the defense of Hogwarts in 2076 and 2077.
    • In 2079, at the request of the Minister of Magic Archibold Herring, Black returned to the Department of Magical Law Enforcement.
    • Following years of exceptional service, Black was made head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement in 2094, one of Wilhelmina Brighton's first acts as Minister.
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