Izzy Iwamura
Personal Information
Name Izuyo Iwamura
Birthdate 21 (May 5th 2076)
Blood Status Impure - ¼ Bisan
Place of Birth Havana, Cuba
Occupation Kijushou Auror, Grade Shoi. Magical innovator. Author.
School Information
Schools Hanakotoba School of Magic, Year 1 and 2
Candlecross Witching Institute, Year 3 and 4
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Year 5 and 6
Anhuala School of the Medium, Year 7
Houses House Nozomi (Hanakotoba)
Wakiiya (Candlecross)
Ravenclaw (Hogwarts)
Ward of Isis (Anhuala)
N.E.W.T.s • Ancient Runes: O
• Care of Magical Creatures: O
• Charms: O
• Defense Against the Dark Arts: O
• Herbology: E
• Potions: O
• Transfigurations: O
Wand 9", Cypress and Bisan Wing
Broom Awesomecat, courtesy of his mother in 2092
Pets Doc Holliday, a Hispaniolan burrowing owl
Meriadoc, a longhaired silver tabby
Other Many assorted things of little note.


Izzy's tall-ish, perhaps an inch or two above average in height, with a lithe (nearly elastic) build and an almost inhuman sort of grace. Grey-eyed and pale-skinned, Izzy has a face made for the theatre, not that he ever uses it. He most frequently dresses in simple - and unassuming - Muggle clothing when not on duty, though his Kijushou robes see quite a lot of use as well. Somehow, clothing never seems to fit him quite right. It's always just a little too big, or a little too short, or a little too… something.

There's something alien about how Izzy moves, as though his arms and legs don't bend in quite the same ways a normal person's would. His eyelashes are incandescent, like a dragonfly's wings.


Izzy is mousy, reserved, and nervous around people. He's been told that he understands how everything in the Wizarding world fits together - except other wizards. It's true. Izzy is profoundly sensitive and empathetic, but struggles to connect with people. He rarely relates to others, and would far rather work alone than in a group. He has some profound anxiety issues, as well, largely inflicted by his mother, and by the long shadow her legacy continues to cast over him. He's frighteningly well-read, inquisitive and intuitive. He learns new things alarmingly quickly, and never seems to forget what he knows. Unless it has to do with a certain night in Milan: that never happened, and he'll stick to that story until the day he dies.


  • Performance
    • Izzy is a skilled musician and composer - he sings (a leggero tenor) and plays piano, and has composed three symphonies.
    • He has a passing education in swing and salsa dance, courtesy of the late Chester Flutey.
    • None of his performing talents ever, ever see the light of day without direct insistence from Xia.
  • Writer
  • Ninja
    • Izzy was always reticent to learn to fight physically, but his mother's insistence and the requirements of Kijushou training led him to learn a passable amount of self-defense. When he has to fight, he favors a shortstaff. He can hold his own unarmed, as well, having studied some aikijutsu and kenpo.
    • Very good at passing undetected - Izzy's mousy nature carries him through. He's light on his feet and well-skilled in avoiding notice.
    • His powers of observation are rather keen. He is capable of Sherlock Holmes-like towers of conjectural deduction, though really, that sort of thing is a party trick, and he treats it with disdain. He's very good at picking up details in complicated situations, though.
  • Language
    • A product of his cosmopolitan upbringing, Izzy speaks Spanish, Japanese, English, and Arabic fluently.
  • Transfigurations
    • Easily his best subject, Izzy is an expert on the theory and practice behind Transfiguration. He's the source of a great deal of innovation in the art. He literally wrote the book on it. Learned the Animagus transformation by the time he was fifteen.
  • Dark Arts/Defense Against the Dark Arts
    • Along with Transfigurations, Izzy quickly established a reputation for his theoretical grasp on the Dark Arts. Not all of his theories are well-received, though he considers them all firmly grounded in observable fact. He's written dozens of essays on the topic, many of them published, and he makes the study of the Dark Arts a priority - it is his belief that understanding them is key to defeating them.
    • His experience is practical as well as theoretical. He did kind of spend his 6th year as a tactical proxy in a war between a sociopath and a terrifyingly powerful dark witch.
  • Charms
    • Izzy's knowledge of charms is strong, but distinctly practical. He's very skillful in his work - a solidly earned O on his NEWT. The utility of charms in every other branch of magical study was not lost on him.
  • Potions
    • Not brewing them, specifically - more understanding them. Izzy was never a masterful brewer, but his knowledge of potions is extremely diverse and well-rounded.
  • Astronomy
    • So there's, like, stars and planets and shit. Izzy knows a great deal about astronomy, and fuck-all about its magical applications.
    • Seriously, there are hundreds of stars. Literally. Hundreds.
  • Care of Magical Creatures
    • Izzy knows a lot about a lot of magical creatures. Where to find them. How to subdue them. What makes them dangerous. Caring for them, befriending them, not so much.
    • They make him jumpy. Mouse.
  • Corporeal patronus in the shape of a harvest mouse.
    • Surprising noone.
  • Animagus
    • Izzy is capable of the Animagus transformation, and takes the form of a harvest mouse.
    • He is registered with several Ministries, on account of his frequent travels.
  • Dueling
    • A premier duelist. He's competed before. Best in Japan. One of the best in the world.
    • Izzy is an extremely patient duelist. He fights defensively, and does so exceptionally well. And he's very good at catching and countering opponents the split second they extend too far.
  • Wandless and nonverbal magic came rather easily to him.
    • As easily as they come to anyone, at least.
    • He prefers to use a wand, pretty much whenever possible. The invariable loss of strength and (more importantly) precise control without one is troublesome. Izzy is a bit obsessive-compulsive about precision. And there's definitely a reason every other magical species in the world spent centuries being pissed at Wizards for denying them access to wands.

Brief History

Izzy is the child of Aisan Iwamura and Haruhi Kojima. Contrary to popular belief, his mother did not lay eggs in his father's brain. Only full-blooded Bisan do that.

His childhood was transient and fleeting. He attended four schools, and his fifth and sixth year - both at Hogwarts - were marked by extreme violence and the collapse of the world around him, culminating in the battle at the Gate of Anhuala, where he (along with Xia Lavine, Huian Li, and a few others) saved the world and prevented a dead woman from returning with unlimited power. At least, that's the theory. He has other theories about what actually happened there, theories that he largely keeps to himself. They worry him, though, far more than he likes to let on. He's hinted at them in his essays, but he isn't certain enough about them to share them.

And he's had plenty of distractions along the way, anyway.

Izzy traveled with Xia and Huian and occasionally Kieran Krum in Europe for some time after graduation. At no point did they spend a week in Milan, and at no point did anything at all happen there.

He became an Auror for Kijushou at 20, and he doesn't particularly care for Sakako Mitsuda, his direct superior.

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