Infobox Template

[[include Template:InfoBox
|image= <url>
|name= <name>
|age= <age, DOB>
|blood= <blood>
|pob= <birthplace>
|occupation= <occupation>
|school= <school(s)>
|house= <house(s)>
|newts= <NEWT scores>
|wand= <wand>
|broom= <broom>
|pets= <pets>
|other= <other stuff>

++ Overview
<Description of your character's physical appearance here.>
* **Height:** <character height>
* **Weight:** <character weight>
* **Distinguishing Features:** <anything else>

++ Personality
<Description of your character's personality here.>

++ Notable Skills
<Description of your character's notable skills here - nonmagical skills only, please.>

++ Magical Skills
* **Strengths:** <character strengths>
* **Weaknesses:** <character flaws>
* **Notable Abilities:** <extra abilities - magic-related>

++ Brief History
<Describe your character's history in brief here.>
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