Ilkay Kimsezade
Personal Information
Name Ilkay Kimsezade
Birthdate 20, 2078
Blood Status muggle born
Place of Birth Adana, Turkey
Occupation flying circus artist
School Information
Schools Tihra Klaya Intitution of the Art (2 years)
Houses <house(s)>
N.E.W.T.s n/a
Wand 11 in. maple w/ satyr horn
Broom <broom>
Pets He used to have a Chameleon Ghoul named Uri, but they haven’t seen him in a while (he’s around here somewhere). Now he tends to hang out with the circus Clabbert named Henry.
Other A necklace of evil eye talismans, supposedly to protect against the dark arts.


Tone and lean, Ilkay is not just naturally built to perform athletically, but he’s been conditioned over years of building his strength and flexibility for his niche in the circus. Of mixed race, muggle parentage, he tans easily and in the summer, his hair lightens in a multitude of facets including copper and gold. His face is boyish and prone to smirking, but it seems more of a default expression than one hinting at any true malice.

  • Height: 172.2 cm
  • Weight: 63.2 kg
  • Distinguishing Features: A multicolored and metallic phoenix tattoo that covers his entire back.


Ilkay is extremely self-sufficient emotionally as well as in practice, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t enjoy the company of his friends. He is friendly to most anyone, but is quite selective in choosing his true friends with whom he’d trust his life.

Notable Skills

Ilkay is a skilled acrobat, contortionist and juggler.

Magical Skills

  • Strengths:
    • Charms – Particularly good at all sorts of charms, Ilkay has mastered an array of showier ones and ones suitable for manipulating himself mid-flight.
    • Potions – Someone in this circus has to know how to brew them.
  • Weaknesses:
    • Curses – Even if Ilkay was predisposed to flinging dark magic around, his wand wouldn’t be particularly comfortable with it.
    • Divination, Arithmancy, Magical Languages, etc – Having dropped out of structured schooling after only two years, Ilkay never continued his education in subjects he didn’t use on a semi-regular basis.
  • Notable Abilities: Ilkay is a talented flying acrobat. He can use very specific levitation and self-propelling spells to perform flips, fly and float in all manner of amazing ways.

Brief History

Raised by a single muggle mother after the arrest of a muggle father he never met, Ilkay quickly learned to make himself of use if he was going to survive a harsh world of poverty. When the chance to attend a magical school presented itself, he was reluctant to accept, but his mother encouraged him. The structured atmosphere was alien to the boy, but he remained there obediently until his mother fell ill and died during his second year. Leaving Tihra Klaya Intitution of the Art then, he ran off to put what he’d learned to use and continue his own education in the world of street entertainment. It wasn’t long until another chance at a better life presented itself in the form of a travelling circus. He insinuated himself as an assistant to the road men and eventually earned a spot in the show with his specific skill for a flying magical act.

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