House Nozomi

House Nozomi is one of the four houses of Hanakotoba School of Magic, along with House Suzume, House Yotaka, and House Manjushage.

House Nozomi is known for the eternal optimists, the never-say-die leaders, the fiercely loyal, and the reckless idealists. Very much the least exclusive of all the houses, Nozomi took in more foreign students than the three other houses combined. The Nozomi house colors are teal and white, while the house crest is a pair of teal long-tailed mice, posed in profile in a mirror image on a white background, with their tales entwined in a wide circle. The Nozomi dormitories are located on the bottom floor of Hanakotoba, on the west end of the school. House Nozomi has a long rivalry with House Yotaka.

Notable Alumni

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