Haruhi Kojima
Public Records
Name • Haruhi Kojima
• Haruhi Aoyagi
• Haruhi Iwamura
Birthdate • Born January 1st, 2028
• Died April 7th, 2093
Blood Status • Impure
Place of Birth • Inasa, Japan
Occupation • Retired Professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts at Hogwarts
• Retired head of the Kijushou Auror Department
• Retired Headmistress of Hanakotoba
• Retired military adviser to Kijushou
School Hanakotoba School of Magic
House Manjushage
  • Personal Life
    • Haruhi Kojima was very close with Aisan Iwamura. The two even had a child, Izzy Iwamura, in 2076.
    • Throughout much of her life, Kojima treated Mazzy Lavine something like a child of her own - in many ways, far moreso than she treated her own son.
    • Kojima was publicly known to have little time for sentimentality. She lived, and died, on an endless crusade.
    • Though her relationship with Rebekah Addison was rocky at best, what evidence exists suggests Kojima counted her as close to a friend as anyone she knew.
    • Kojima was half-blooded, the child of a pureblood wizard father and a Bisan mother.
  • Professional Life
  • Death
    • On April 7th, 2093, Kojima surrendered herself to her enemy, Erik Calutain. She died in custody later that day.
    • Some evidence exists to suggest Kojima's death was by suicide, and not by Calutain's actions directly.
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