Guy D
Personal Information
Name Guy D
Birthdate 22, born January 22nd
Blood Status 100% Pure Muggle
Place of Birth Bastrop, Texas
Occupation Operator of the Magical DarkNet, Host of the PirateCast magical radio.
School Information
Schools Miriama College of Wizardry
Houses TBD
N.E.W.T.s Charms= O
D.A.D.A. = EE
Arithmancy = O
Transfiguration = EE
Potions = A
Wand Red Oak & Quetzal Pinion 12”
Broom Fuck those flying death traps.
Pets A lizard named "Ed" who seems to spend more time transmuted into a baseball bat.
Other A charmed smartphone, a baseball bat that’s sometimes a lizard, and a leather jacket that he thinks looks awesome.


Lean and mean, he looked like a guy who was looking to pick a fight. Or trying his damnedest to stand out in a crowd. Generally dressed in a worn leather jacket, jeans, heavy boots, and a t-shirt with some vulgarity or another stamped across it.

  • Height: 6’4’'
  • Weight: 215 lbs.
  • Distinguishing Features: A mohawk that seems to have a new color for every day of the week.


It’s not that some kids were born as bad eggs, it’s just that they don’t get parented like they should. They grow up spending too much time on websites they shouldn’t be on. They’re out with their friends at all hours doing stuff they shouldn’t. They find they have a knack for seeing strange patterns of numerology in lines and lines of computer code. And just when they’re about to put it into practice an owl shows up at the door with a letter.

Now you’ve gone from some trailer outside of a backwater town in Texas to a world of magic and instead of going “Ooh” and “Ahh” like the other brats, the only thought on this one’s mind was “They’ve got all this shit and ain’t sharing? That is fucked!” But he stuck it out. Cause if you don’t follow the rules, you can’t learn enough about them to break them. He found he had a talent for charms, and arithmancy, specifically as it related to the wondrous world of muggle technology. But he’s out now, free to make trouble as he finds it. And cracking at the walls of the establishment bit by bit. Most notably with the PirateCast Radio Broadcast. Just a simple charm to tune in to randomly scheduled broadcast of new, gossip, and sometimes a little spell or two that Guy’s been working on to give an information edge to the masses.

Notable Skills

Outside of the magical world, Guy had a notable talent for programming. This was augmented and adjusted by magical knowledge however. And more than a few people have commented on lines of “junk” code in his work to make it conform to numerological signs for luck, stability, etc. Outside of that, he could fix a car, shoot a gun, and a few other talents that a rural kid was bound to pick up when he was off to no good.

Magical Skills

  • Strengths: A remarkable knack for charms that relate to the flow, or form, of information. Or relating to technology. Arithmancy-based coding.
  • Weaknesses: Basically if it isn't related to curse-breaking, he can't be bothered. And even then, he could really care less about potions.
  • Notable Abilities: THIS SPACE FOR RENT!

Brief History

Note From Permanent Record: Student has a talent for charms, and misbehaving. Achieved some praise for creating a transmutation charm in his 2nd year.”Pareo Malleum”. Said charm turned any substance into a club, and made a few schoolyard scuffles into all-out brawls.

Guy was a trained curse-breaker. Most wouldn’t know that, nor expect it of the magical rebel. He even passed through Miriama’s curse-breaking program, with notable marks in charms, transmutations, and DADA. His potions have never been strong, but buoyed by his other scores he came out towards the top of his class. As part of completing the Miriama program, there was an internship for Gringot’s available that Guy walked into wearing his boxers and leather jacket, gave the goblin conducting the interview the finger and left. His credit score has never quite recovered.

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