Gloriana Boulstridge
Personal Information
Name Gloriana Boulstridge
Birthdate 23 (February 23, 2075)
Blood Status Half-Blood
Place of Birth St. Bartholomew's Hospital, London, UK
Occupation Healer/Mediwitch
School Information
Schools Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Houses Ravenclaw
N.E.W.T.s Charms: Exceeds Expectations
Potions: Outstanding
Herbology: Exceeds Expectations
D.A.D.A.: Exceeds Expectations
Transfiguration: Outstanding
Wand Myrtle, 12”, Phoenix feather
Broom Susei 7 (old gift from a friend)
Pets Archimedes: A Great Horned Owl
Other She often carries various potions, tonics, and herbal remedies in her purse… just in case. She also carries around a sketchbook from time to time, though it is a rare sight that you would find her doodling instead of working. But it does happen on occasion.


A seemingly average Londoner, Gloriana’s physical appearance is about as ordinary as it gets. Her long, dark auburn hair and bangs frame her pretty but ordinary face, and shadow a pair of rich brown eyes. She has a slender body type and a modern sense of style, but she is by no means extraordinary by anyone‘s standards. However, Gloriana takes pride in keeping herself well-groomed and perfectly kempt. Her hair is kept perfectly coiffed and if a hair seems out of place, it is quite often meant to be. She is meticulous about her looks, keeping her nails neatly manicured and her complexion flawless with regular cleaning. Her clothing is just as well-maintained, perfectly tailored and with the proper amount of modesty. If one were to look at Gloriana at a glance, they might not notice how perfectly folded the pleats of her skirt or how devoid of even the smallest fiber of lint her clothes were. But those who know her would say that she is obsessive about her appearance as she is about her work.

  • Height: 5'6
  • Weight: 132 lbs
  • Distinguishing Features: A birthmark on her left thigh that strangely resembles the continent of Africa, if you were to look at it upside down, that is. It even has a thin mark on the left side of its tail, similar to Madagascar. (Though you’d be lucky to ever get a look at it)


Her well-kept physical traits can easily be attributed to her obsessive compulsive idiosyncrasies. Gloriana likes her things exactly the way she likes them and often rearranges other peoples’ things to her liking without their knowledge, much less their permission. She is very well-organized and unbelievably hygienic. She bathes twice a day and brushes her teeth in the morning after breakfast, after lunch, and after dinner, having gone so far as to keep a toothbrush and toothpaste in her bag for just such occasions as well as floss. She even devotes most of her nights to keeping her clothes perfect for the next day. You really haven’t seen OCD until you’ve met Gloriana. Her time spent organizing the reclamation of Hogwarts in the Anhuala war drastically affected Gloriana’s countenance. Once, a caustic and almost unbearable student, she became an almost completely tolerable person that many called “friend”. She has managed to retain that moderately-amiable demeanor since then.

Notable Skills

As you can imagine, Gloriana is quite skilled in organization and neatness. She is often complimented on her penmanship and punctuality. Something that few of her peers are aware of is her remarkable talent for drawing. A perfectionist by nature, though, Gloriana is rarely satisfied with her work which may explain the reason so few people are privy to that information.

Magical Skills

  • Strengths:
    • Transfiguration: Proficient in Vanishment and Transformation, it’s a wonder she doesn’t use her talents for some sort of Ministry work. She’d be an excellent spy.
    • Potions: Respected Potioneer and Inventor of Potions great and small; including the creation of Erase-scar (now widely-used by Mediwitches and wizards all across the globe) and Deafening Draught (A potion that causes its drinker to go deaf for stretches of time according to the dosage imbibed). Her work has even made it to print in Practical Potioneer: Potion-Making in the Modern World. She has only just returned from a trip ‘round the world to explore other potion-making processes among wizards and witches of other cultures.
    • Charms: Well-learned in many charms and somewhat tutored by an old “friend” Izzy Iwamura, Gloriana has mastered the art of Charms and Protective spells; though she is never satisfied with what other people consider “mastery”. There is always room to grow!
    • Flying: Her ability to fly with a broom has advanced much more since working as a Mediwitch for a Quidditch season. She is, by no means, worthy of any admiration, but she’s a lot better than she used to be, anyway.
    • Wandless and Wordless Spellwork: For most processes involving Transfiguration and Charms, Gloriana is capable of wandless and (depending on the frequency of use) speechless spell casting. This does not extend to every aspect of her magical skill set, but she seems to think it very accomplished, anyway.
  • Weaknesses:
    • Dueling: Though she excels at some offensive spells, Gloriana is almost incapable of dualling. Outside of protective spells and charms, she is next-to-useless in a fight — at least where the actual fighting is concerned.
    • Astronomy: Seriously, who needs the stars, anyway?
    • Divination: What a thoroughly ridiculous way to spend one's time!
  • Notable Abilities:
    • Corporeal Patronus: Arctic fox.
    • Animagus: Arctic fox.

Brief History

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