Gate of Anhuala

The Gate of Anhuala was one of seven purported gateways to the "other side" - a tear in the barrier between the world of the living and the world of the dead. It was (theoretically) destroyed in the Second Battle of Anhuala in 2093.

While it existed, the Gate was a stone archway built in the style of Lower Egypt. Its location was unplottable, and it was protected by many ancient magics - it was impossible to find without knowing the right questions, and who to ask them of. For nearly four thousand years, those questions (and the guardians of their answers) were lost to the world, before Rebekah Addison learned of them from the Seeing Stones, and deduced the gate's location.

Kali Anmalyashonjir believed if she could pass through the Gate of Anhuala and return from the other side, she would return with the power she craved - power to change the world. Her quest for this power drove her to madness, and precipitated nearly fifty years of intermittent warfare and division in the magical world.

Other such gateways are rumored to exist around the world. Among the more prominent rumors:

  • The Department of Mysteries
  • A mysterious Buddhist temple in the Himalayas
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