First Conclave

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The First Conclave, also known flippantly as "Magic-Con", "Magipalooza", and "Wizard World", is an international gathering of wizards and magical governments intended to showcase the unity and advancements of the magical world in the five years since the Auror Wars officially ended. A joint effort of the Ministry of Magic and Kijushou, the Conclave is being hosted in London. It began on April 15th of 2098, and is scheduled to end on May 15th.


The idea of the Conclave was first proposed in the immediate aftermath of the Second Battle of Anhuala during the negotiations between the Ministry of Magic and Kijushou. The brainchild of Wilhelmina Brighton, future Minister of Magic for the United Kingdom, the concept of the Conclave picked up a great deal of steam in 2094, and in 2095, Kijushou agreed to aid with the funding and promotion of the event.

In 2096, four more magical governments signed onto the committee - the Wizard's Congress, the Great Quorum, the Secretaria de Magia, and the Conseil de la Sorcellerie. By 2097, another twelve had joined in support of the Conclave.

In early 2098, Kijushou representatives arrived in London to aid with the final preparations for the vast undertaking to come.

Member Nations

Official delegations from 23 countries arrived in London for the First Conclave: The United Kingdom, Japan, the United States, Canada, Spain, France, the Republic of Korea, Argentina, Brazil, China, Australia, Egypt, Algiera, South Africa, Italy, Russia, Belgium, Romania, India, Nepal, Venezuela, Mexico, and Norway.

Additionally, there are delegations from numerous populations of Beings: Giants, Centaurs, Veela, Bisan, Naga, the Free State of the Elves, and Petals have all sent retinues to make an appearance at the Conclave.


National Exhibitions

Every participating nation has a section in Diagon Alley devoted to their showcasing of their vendors and exhibitions. Many nations have promised grand panels to call light upon the greatest magical advancements and artisans of their past several years.

Major Events

  • Opening Ceremony: The opening ceremony occurred at noon on April 15th, 2098. Several speakers from the UK, Japan, and the United States delivered addresses about unity, the strength of the wizarding world, and (sure to cause groans in many Hogwarts alumni) achievement. Fireworks followed, and the Conclave officially opened.
  • Chaos and Vandalism: The Dragonariat was shut down on April 22nd, following an incident in which half a dozen angry baby dragons were set loose on the crowded streets of Diagon Alley.

Notable Vendors

  • Clousteau's Confectionerie: A chocolatier and candy-maker from Gironde. Clousteau's specializes in matched sets of singing chocolate. Their dark chocolate barbershop quartets are especially famed.
  • The Dragonariat: A petting zoo specializing in baby dragons. The Dragonariat was shut down and removed from Diagon Alley following an incident on April 22nd. Their permits were in less order than they claimed…
  • The Maniacal Muse: The business of Thea Satrapi, a traveling merchant and occasional charlatan. She specializes in unusual things, most notably personalized theme music and wooden dolls that dance along to your personalized theme music.
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