Every Witch's Dream


An expanding chain of magical beauty salons that offer a variety of services. The public face of the company is Emilia Granger, a savvy business woman and entrepreneur. The actual owner and decision-maker for the company is Xia Lavine, who runs the company from a distance after starting it as a single salon two years ago. The chain has expanded to a few other countries, with plans to expand farther in the coming years.


The exterior of the shop is colorful and eye-catching, with a lit-up sign on the building itself proclaiming the name of the salon. Above the salon is a decently but not scarily sized woman's head, her hair changing colors and styles every thirty seconds or so, and her make-up changing to match. The front of the shop is made mostly of glass from waist-height and up, showing a comfortable and colorful salon interior. Unlike muggle salons, there are no scissors or electrical tools, as all work is done magically. The floors are checkerboard tile, with eight work stations featuring salon chairs and mirrors. A cluster of couches and look-books are at the front of the salon. Farther back are nail and make-up stations, and in the very back behind curtains are hair-removal stations. There is an employee break-room up a set of stairs next to the back door, which is the same size as the floor below it.


The original store is located in Diagon Alley, three stores down from the Leaky Cauldron and five from Gringotts. There are nine other locations: five locations in various wizarding communities in the United Kingdom, one in France, one in Japan, one in China, and two on the east coast of the United States.

Products and Services

  • Hair Color and Style: All stylists are well trained in magical charms to color and style hair. Whether you're splurging for a big event or getting your hair done every week, Every Witch's Dream will meet your needs. From basic cut-and-color to elegant up-dos to rainbow colors, if you want it done, Every Witch's Dream can help!
  • Make Up Services: For those new to the world of make up, and those wanting a professional touch, this new service is offered for everything from that big gala event to "I Just Want to Look Nice Today".
  • Nail Care and Color: Colored, shaped, and sometimes magically enhanced nails, all in a few minutes. Also offers a service to help stop nail-biters from biting!
  • Hair Removal Services: Stubborn hair you just can't get rid of? Let the specialists at Every Witch's Dream take care of it for you. Guaranteed to stop problem hair growth within six-treatments, or your money back! (Spell detection for cases of magically regrown hair is in place.)
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