Evelyn Darby
Personal Information
Name Evelyn Darby
Birthdate 58 (May 23, 2040)
Blood Status Pureblood
Place of Birth Greater London, England
Occupation Head of the Auror Office
School Information
Schools Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Houses Gryffindor
N.E.W.T.s ▪ Astronomy : Exceeds Expectations
▪ Charms: Outstanding
▪ Care of Magical Creatures: Exceeds Expectations
▪ DADA: Outstanding
▪ Herbology: Outstanding
▪ Potions: Exceeds Expectations
▪ Transfiguration: Outstanding
Wand Blackthorn, 10¾”, Dragon Heartstring
Broom Nimbus Millennium
Pets ▪ Gwendolyn: a very orange Kneazle
▪ Roderick: a frazzled-looking Short-eared Owl
Other ▪ A perpetually-cloudy rememberall
▪ An odd little watch with 7 seemingly-meaningless hands
▪ One scarlet Quick Quotes Quill
▪ Secrecy Sensor
▪ Sneakoscope (not just a children’s toy)
▪ One cricket bat


Evelyn Darby is a beautiful and stylish witch that has aged with decided grace. Even with her silver hair and moderately athletic figure, it might be difficult to imagine that she could be your mother… or probably your grandmother. She wears her head high and her 5’4 stature as proudly as one can (and that’s pretty proud for 5’4). Looking at Evelyn, you can see why someone so dignified (and maybe a little intimidating) was chosen to Head the Auror Office.

  • Height: 162½ cm
  • Weight: 63 kg
  • Distinguishing Features: Silver hair that won’t quit, but that’s about all.


As her diplomatic exterior implies, Evelyn is sharp and tactful. She might be a little intimidating from time to time, but it’s rarely ever intentional and she generally maintains a pleasant atmosphere. Her job is her life and her employees like her children - that’s not to say she treats them like children. Their success is of the utmost importance, and she actually seems to delegate a decent amount of time in checking up on them and helping them to achieve their respective goals or overcome whatever hurdles might stand in their way. You could call Evelyn matronly, but it still wouldn’t quite fit. While she maintains a mother figure-type role in the lives of her employees, she also manages to be fun-loving and capable of a good time (she can’t say that of most of her peers, sadly). But rest assured, when life hands her lemons, she chucks that shit right back in its face, because lemonade is for pansies and a real Englishwoman only drinks tea when she’s kicking ass and taking names.

Notable Skills

Not many wizard’s are keen on Muggle sports, but it seems Evelyn found a calling in Cricket. In her younger days, she even managed to play on a Muggle team for a short while before the Wizarding world really caught up to her. She still dabbles, even catching a team at the park once in a while for a good game. Not too bad at chess, either. Also very good with children, it seems.

Magical Skills

  • Strengths:
    • Curse-breaking: Evelyn was very nearly a Curse-breaker, instead of an Auror. But then, curse-breaking isn’t exactly a glamorous lifestyle is it? Come to think of it, neither is Auror work…
    • Astronomy: She doesn’t need a compass or a map! Who needs such silly little things when the trusty stars are there to guide you every step of the way - and it’s come in handy more times than she can account for.
    • Experienced Dualist: The best? Hardly. But she does like a challenge once in a while, to keep her old bones in shape.
    • Excellent Flyer: Really. You should see this "old lady" get around.
  • Weaknesses:
    • Healing: She’s pretty rubbish at making anyone physically better, but she does try (even if it never ends very well…
    • Ancient Runes, Divination, and Arithmancy: Really, she’s altogether useless at them. Her instincts are good enough, but seeing the future or reading runes and numbers? Bollocks.
    • Muggle transportation: She can’t drive, never got around to trying a bike, and she absolutely hates the bus. Don’t even mention the tube…
  • Notable Abilities:
    • Practiced Occlumens and Legilimens.
    • Corporeal Patronus: Grey Heron
    • Alterations to appearance: Metemorphmagi aren’t the only people capable of changing their appearance - just the only ones to change it at will! It took a great deal of studying and many years to master, but Evelyn is remarkably skilled in altering her appearance for investigative purposes.

Brief History

Despite the tenuous atmosphere of the Auror community in her lifetime, Evelyn harbored dreams of becoming an Auror since her childhood. And while there were some periods of derailment, she managed to stay on track until she applied for training at 19, when she was rejected. It was another year until she was accepted (just barely) into training, and finished by the time she was 23 - and just in time for the beginning of the Second Auror War.

Upon deposition of the Ministry, the still-green Evelyn and a small contingent of rebel Aurors escaped to join Winchester Nuefield in his Underground resistance against the Kalites and their cause. Evelyn fought alongside (and watched die) many brave witches and wizards, taking part in some of the most notable war efforts in both the Battle of Godric’s Hollow and the Battle of Diagon Alley. If any had thought her unworthy of her place in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement before, they were surely proved wrong by the end of the war.

(More to come…)

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