Evangeline Calcifer
Personal Information
Name Evangeline Calcifer
Birthdate 23 (01/08/2075)
Blood Status Mudblood
Place of Birth Glasgow, Scotland
Occupation C-c-c-curse-Breaker, Ex-Auror.
School Information
Schools Katshasan Academy of Magical Sciences, Year 1 and 2
Kurotori School of Sorcery, Year 3 and 5
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Year 6
Anhuala School of the Medium, Year 7
Houses Saccē dila (Katshasan)
Hausa Iyoku (Kurotori)
Gryffindor (Hogwarts)
Bast (Anhuala)
N.E.W.T.s • Arithmancy: O
• Potions: O
• Charms: O
• Defense Against the Dark Arts: O
• History of Magic: O
• Potions: O
• Transfigurations: E
• Muggle Studdies: T (Don’t ask)
Wand 11", Mahogany, Phoenix tail
Broom Suisei VII, Anniversary gift from her fiance
Pets Sherlock, Bengal cat
Other 3 way mirror, switch blades, folding shovel.


Evangeline, aka: Calcifer was never the same after Hogwarts. Whether you were there to experience it or just heard the rumours… it changed this woman forever. The once bubbly, excitable and viciously opinionated girl evolved into a silent shadow. The psychological damage manifested in a sheer, brute determination to succeed and gave the woman a cruel, logical edge which added a coldness that hadn’t been there before.

  • Height: 5''4
  • Weight: 7st 6.
  • Distinguishing Features: Several ornamental tattoos across her chest and side. The crest of each house she’s been a member of throughout school and a single sentence inked onto her wrist: ‘Proud to be a MudBlood’. She has a multitude of scars, including some severe burns which span the length of left arm.


Calcifer was, and had always been, ‘the’ Hell Raiser – a short attention span, three brothers and an adventurous streak a mile wide earned her the nickname as an infant and it has followed her ever since. She can be quick witted and sarcastic, intolerably ‘smart arsed’ and the bane of many a teacher’s existence. This was, however, not enough to distract her from succeeding in school. Confidence backed up by sheer stubbornness went a long way when focused on a goal, and her goal was always to be a Auror.

Her focus changed drastically at some point during her 6th year at Hogwarts. She suddenly became obsessed with curses, defence and offensive magics of the most dangerous sort. Not a moment of her time was wasted on social interaction and what time she didn’t exhaust on her studies was spent in the gymnasium. When required she could, and often did, ‘come to life’ just long enough to gain whatever she needed from a situation before her detached exterior resurfaced. This often left new ‘friends’ stunned and, occasionally, creeped out.

Notable Skills

Calcifer is known for her ‘silver tongue’, a gift she inherited from her mother and honed to perfection while growing up with three brothers. Having been raised within an all male house she found it impossible to resist doing boyish things. So, instead of ballet, she attended kickboxing, aikido, football, kendo and other such sports which she continues to enjoy today. Calcifer also has a notable genius for languages and, as her family are well versed in Gaelic, Japanese, German and Hindi, she learned all of them alongside English while growing up. Later additions to her catalogue include Arabic and French.

Despite not taking Ancient Runes as a N.E.W.T, she studied it throughout her childhood and became obsessed with ancient magic and its scripts at the age of eighteen.

Magical Skills

  • Strengths: Deadly Force, duelling and trickery.
  • Weaknesses: Brute force. Werewolves. Herbology.
  • Notable Abilities:

Brief History

Her childhood? Well, she survived. That's all which matters.

Calcifer 'qualified' as a Curse Breaker at the age of 18 and later completed Auror training at 21, then promptly quit the Ministry a year later.

She is known to spend several months of the year in Egypt or the middle east doing 'god knows what'. Though apparently whatever she does brings in a healthy wage.

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