Elliot Lupin
Personal Information
Name Elliot Edward Lupin
Birthdate 04/21/2075 [23]
Blood Status Half-Blood
Place of Birth Swansea, Wales, UK
Occupation Owner and Operator of L&W Protections
School Information
Schools Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Houses Gryffindor
N.E.W.T.s • Charms - Outstanding
• D.A.D.A - Exceeds Expectations
• Herbology - Exceeds Expectations
• Ancient Runes - Acceptable
• Muggle Studies - Acceptable
• Potions - Exceeds Expectations
• Transfiguration - Outstanding
Wand 10¼", Pliable, Teak with Phoenix Feather
Broom Starfire Epsilon
Pets Frightful the Peregrine Falcon.
Other • A worn out old acoustic guitar.
• Leather-banded self-winding wristwatch.
• Silver and black cigarette case with built in butane lighter.


While handsome in a lean sort of way, Elliot tends to blend into any place he ends up in, though most would argue this is due to his being a metamorphmagus. His 'normal' appearance is a striking young man with dark blue eyes, medium length brown hair, and the complete inability to grow any facial hair. With his innate abilities, he is able to quickly modify his facial structure, eye color, hair color, and even grow a beard, albeit magically, so his appearance tends to change on a day by day basis.

Height: Usually 6'0"
Weight: Usually 164lbs
Distinguishing Features: Frequently changing hair and eye color, no visible scars or tattoos.


In his school years, Elliot was often called an underachiever, though he managed to score quite high in exams, he tended to avoid doing any kind of homework, and never strove for academic excellence. As he grew older and left school, not much has changed. Although he has inherited the power and wit his family has become known for, he has yet to find something to use his talents for, and continues to avoid work at all costs.

Notable Skills

  • Excellent Guitar Player and Singer
  • Gymnastic Experience
  • Sambo - Taught by his father, who mastered the art abroad.

Magical Skills


  • Impeccable Transfiguration and Charms work.
  • Skilled at Concealment and Disguise due to his gift.


  • Tendency towards inactivity; lazy.
  • Generally uninterested with life and current events.
  • Overconfident to a fault.
  • Tends to forget his years of schooling.

Notable Abilities:

  • Can still produce a Patronus; a Wolf, as it has been for five generations.
  • Has mastered his metamorphmagus abilities, capable of influencing his height, weight, and muscle structure to a small degree.


While Elliot was too young to fight in the Auror Wars, his father took part, as generations of Lupin men before him had, helping to bring about the end in any way they could. Elliot was protected at his school, for the most part, and remained incredibly bored through his childhood. Though his summers often contained special lessons in CQC and defense, and he continued to practice gymnastics for years, he never found anything that truly peaked his interest. He toiled the summers away in his father's store, L&W Protections, in Diagon Alley. Except for the guitar, he never bothered learning anything without being forced to do so by someone or another. He played for one season as a chaser on the Gryffindor quidditch team, but quit afterwards citing the amount of effort required. In addition, while there was no shortage of girls seeking to be his girlfriend, he never particularly seemed interested and has only had three relationships of any note to date. Elliot spends his days wandering various places on a minimal budget, playing his guitar and seeking something to ignite his spirit.

Recent Events

  • Elliot met Nori while busking outside the Leaky Cauldron, who he then discovered was a friend of Mop's when he used his metamorphmagus powers to transform into a close approximation of him. This, of course, earned him a kiss from the rather kiss-happy girl, who insisted that while they looked similar, their taste was distinct. She bid him adieu with a rather ominous sounding goodbye and left, after ensuring he would go to the Cup to watch.
  • While eating breakfast at the Leaky Cauldron, Elliot bumped into his former Headmistress, Kaust, and what ensued could only be called straight up tomfoolery. Breaking her out of her rut, he then proceeded to break her into Hogwarts to fly on the pitch there, before nearly being caught. They parted back in Diagon Alley, but not before he noticed some strange behavior…
  • Elliot's father passed away, and with a little help it seems as though he has settled into running the family business, though he has yet to earn the appropriate licenses that would allow him to be hired by the Ministry. Quite a few people are left wondering if he'll be able to fill his father's legendary shoes.
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