Cwm Maethlon Manor
Area Cwm Maethlon
Township Tywyn Meirionnydd
Kingdom Gwynedd
Country Wales
Acreage 5.74
Bed / Bath 1 bed / 1 bath
Layout Floor Plan for all buildings
Amenities • Detached cottage
• Detached storage
• Dyffryn Gwyn boundary on two sides (aka, moat)


Cwm Maethlon Manor is a traditional stone-and-brick farmhouse purchased by Meredith Porthman after it was abandoned by the previous owner halfway through renovations. It is situated two miles from the closest town (Tywyn or "town" for those of you whose tongues lack the elegance for the Welsh language) on acres of rough pasture. There's a little charm to waking up to the sounds of bleating as a shepherd drives a flock through your back yard every once in a while.

Altogether, the property features three detached buildings renovated and repurposed for a cozy Wizarding lifestyle. The purchase was more than just the security of an asset, but heralded his full detachment from the rather Muggle life he tried to lead in London in the past.

But really, he's most jazzed about the wicked moat and wooden bridge people must cross to get to the property in a terrestrial fashion.


Main House

The main house was renovated with an open floor plan. After renovation, the exposed brick and rafters stayed, but oriental carpets and area rugs help to make the house look more like a home. A fireplace makes its place off-center of one long wall and keeps a constant audience of comfortable, but worn-out love seat and a matching sofa with an ottoman. A circular, wooden table is pushed off into a corner near an open kitchen with four stools to keep it company. There is little counter space in the kitchen, but it is well-stocked and has all of your basic amenities. A spiral staircase is tucked into one corner and leads up a cozy loft with a bare-bones bedroom.


The detached stone cottage on the property saw a few touch-ups, but was not as gutted as the main house. The cottage was the only hospitable place while renovations went on. It became home to old sleeper-seats huddled around the fireplace and an impressive bookshelf that holds texts new and old, mundane and magic. The small library has some method to its madness, categorizing its contents by content.

Floo House

The Floo House is a pet name for the detached storage shed. The small stone building locks from the outside and has very little in the way of comforts.


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