It's like a Deathnote.
But when you write in it…
CRACK happens.

18:05:28 Porthman took note of faces, of body language, and several other details – but especially the god-awful heads of hair on the two strangers. He broke off from them in time to see Izzy’s back vanishing to the netherworld. Likewise, he catches Xia’s greeting – to which he tries to return before he’s hit by a two-for of Huian from behind (who he hasn’t the pleasure of recognizing by the imprint her face leaves on his tender-again back) and the vibrantly-colored photographer from a side-swipe. His reaction is a brief buckle and a cuss that slips out and sounds a bit like “fuckssake.” Once Meredith has himself sorted, he turns to the person behind him to make sure they’re sorted out. When he realizes that he recognizes the woman – and she looks all in one piece – he grins instead of worries. “It appears our Fusion Dance failed.” Then, Mop follows up with a somewhat-more-tender: “alright?” The distraction has kept him from his other bullet points: Xia, Izzy, and the freak-haired cretin who had a face Meredith swore was familiar – and he’d soon place it.
18:07:07 [Huang] My hair is fucking fabulous, you common woolstuffer.
18:07:53 [Kaust] Oh dear.
18:08:25 [Dempsey] <—Agrees.
18:09:16 [Porthman] I mean, maybe. If you're a cockerel.
18:09:24 [Iwamura] ^

00:06:47 Noriko || Our hero really wouldve rather just gone through with this in a totally mature and adult fashion: whisk Gloriana away so she could calm down and not get involved in the work of Aurors. Then a wand nearly smacked into her companions head and then explosions everywhere. Okay it was only just the one explosion: still it set off Nori and her heroism gene full swing. Huang may have wanted to get a rise out of her but it was Cyrus who managed. "Did he just blast a hole in the wall? He just blasted a hole in Liliput's wall; that is just completely one hundred percent not alright." Our hero was already rushing back into the patisserie, her wand gripped firmly in hand; she was distracted for the present time from Gloriana because there was an Auror who might or mightnt have needed backup. She remembered Botts [not that they had actually met] as the stuffy man Mop called his partner. That meant she had his back any time she thought it might be necessary even if it completely wasnt! >
00:08:11 Noriko < "Stand down, evildoer! You are outmatched and outnumbered!" Even now our hero [the delightful Princess Sparklefists] couldnt manage to sound angry or intimidating: she sounded more like excitable Sailor Venus. ||
00:08:31 [Hippolytus] ,:D omg. Noriko, you are adorable.
00:08:37 [Hippolytus] please don't help me.
00:08:58 [Gloriana] Oh God. Oh God.
00:09:13 [Noriko] sorry. have to, doctor said if I dont let out my cuteness and heroism I might explode.
00:09:31 [Hippolytus] ,:3

00:11:31 [Cyrus‘Valen] I GOT MY PANTS ON
00:11:42 [Hippolytus] o_o g-…good.
00:12:35 [Cyrus`Valen] The greatest way I ever won a fight IC…was dropping my pants mid-skirmish. Dude didn’t know what to think.
00:14:07 [Noriko] that my good chums is when you transfigure his junk into a snake.
00:14:32 [Hippolytus] omg, is that possible?
00:14:38 [Cyrus‘Valen] it’s already an anaconda
00:14:51 [Cyrus‘Valen] just ask Gloriana’s mother
00:15:19 [Gloriana] Eeeewww.
00:15:22 [Hippolytus] does…does that mean a Parslemouth could communicate with your penis?
00:15:31 [Cyrus`Valen]

21:08:58 [Noriko] <3 no, its cruel to have people from civilized places trapped in a school with the English

21:23:48 [Porthman] this is why Glori isn't allowed to drink
21:25:07 [Gloriana] AND YOU BLAME YOURSELF, MOPSY.
21:25:20 [Porthman] I won't. I blame Archie.

17:57:59 [Darby] Why didn't I bold your names? WHY?
17:59:06 [Porthman] I dunno why. People should just read posts.
18:00:17 [Freddie] We didn't come to a roleplaying site to read.

09:40:31 [Iwamura] On a scale of DICK! to Hippolytus, I think I rank a solid Iwamura.

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