Character Creation

When creating a character, remember the following:

  • All characters have strengths and weaknesses.
  • Three further Animagi may be approved (or reapproved). [3/6]
  • No further Metamorphmagi will be approved. [1/1]
  • Three further nonhuman characters will be approved (or reapproved). [1/4]
    • Nonhuman characters include things such as werewolves, vampires, half-giants, centaurs, and other beings that might take part in wizard society.
  • No further True Seers will be approved. [1/1]
  • Though this takes place in the Harry Potter universe, the bulk of the game will not take place at Hogwarts, or any other Wizarding school.

Profile Format

  • Please use the following format when creating your character:
    1. Copy the information in the box below and paste them on your page.
    2. remove all "<" ">" before saving your profile.
>[[include Template:InfoBox
>|image= <url>
>|name= <name>
>|age= <age, DOB>
>|blood= <blood>
>|pob= <birthplace>
>|occupation= <occupation>
>|school= <school(s)>
>|house= <house(s)>
>|newts= <NEWT scores>
>|wand= <wand>
>|broom= <broom>
>|pets= <pets>
>|other= <other stuff>

++ Overview
<Description of your character's physical appearance here.>

++ Outlook
<Description of your character's personality here.>

++ Talents
<Description of your character's notable skills here - magical and nonmagical.>

++ Background
<Describe your character's history in brief here.>
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