Calico Katya's Awesome Brooms, Ltd.

Founded in Bucharest in 2092 by a professionally reclusive Romanian witch, Calico Katya's Awesome Brooms, Ltd. took the wizarding world by storm with its first mass-market broom, the eponymous Awesomecat!. Following that debut, demand for Calico's brooms - especially her custom-made brooms - rapidly outpaced supply, and over the years the company's reputation for exceptional quality and craftsmanship was matched by its reputation for acute scarcity and an interminably long waiting list for its wares.

In 2098, Calico made a surprise appearance at the First Conclave, her first public appearance since going into business. In her rather short presentation, she fired shots across Suisei Broomsticks' bow, announcing both two new market brooms (the Thundercat! and Shadowcat!) and that she was looking to take on an apprentice.



  • The debut market model from Calico Katya is the Awesomecat!, released in early 2092. Though not as fast as its contemporary Suisei VII, it was extremely well received for its unparalleled handling and stability, and for the remarkable agility in the hands of a competent flier. The current waiting list for an Awesomecat! is around 6 months.
    • Top Speed: 166mph
    • Handling: 10
    • Stability: 10
    • Price: 3,750 Galleons


Custom Brooms

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