As the 2090s come to a close, there are many professional-quality broommakers competing for the business of athletes and Aurors in the Wizarding world. Many consider the 2090s to be the golden age of broommaking.

Suisei Broomsticks

Suisei Broomsticks, based in Kyoto, is an increasingly reputable performance broom manufacturer. Since the debut of the Suisei I in 2043, Suisei models have perpetually been competitive with the best in the world. Since a string of speed records in the 2080s and 2090s starting with the Suisei VI, Suisei brooms have been favored by professional Quidditch players by a wide margin. (Ask a moderator for permission to have a Suisei VIII.)

Suisei VIII

Released in 2097, the Suisei VIII is a new racing broom and the holder of the current record for speed on a broomstick. The handling can be quite unstable, and inexperienced fliers have a good deal of trouble controlling the broom.

  • Top Speed: 186 mph (current world record); 180 mph (typical)
  • Handling: Fair
  • Stability: Poor
  • Price: 1,750 - 2,250 Galleons

Suisei VII

The Suisei VII was released in 2091, and it held the speed record for broomsticks between 2091 and 2095. It is still regularly used by professional quidditch players, as it is far more stable than the Suisei VIII, and in positions where blistering speed isn't of the essence, it performs similarly well for a fraction of the cost.

  • Top Speed: 173 mph (world record until 2095); 170 mph (typical)
  • Handling: Fair
  • Stability: Fair
  • Price: 850 - 1,000 Galleons

Older Models

Older models from Suisei Broomsticks are still available for those interested, though they see little in the way of professional use at this point.

  • Suisei VI: Released in 2087. Held the speed record (171 mph) until 2091.
  • Suisei V: Released in 2080. Top speed of 155 mph.
  • Suisei IV: Released in 2074. Top speed of 160 mph, but notorious for poor braking and trouble with high winds.
  • Suisei III: Released in 2065. Top speed of 148 mph.
  • Suisei II: Released in 2052. Top speed of 120 mph. The Suisei II was marketed as a traveling broom, and is the only Suisei broom that boasted above-average handling and stability.
  • Suisei I: Released in 2043. Top speed of 128 mph. The Suisei I was extremely well-received in its time - though not overly fast, it performed well for a very reasonable price.

Nimbus Racing Broom Company

Nimbus Racing Broom Company was founded in 1967 by Devlin Whitehorn. With a long history of competitive high-performance brooms, Nimbus has regularly been favored for a combination of speed and handling. Recent years were not kind to Nimbus, with the 2080s seeing substantial market share lost to Suisei Broomsticks, and the 2090s seeing further losses to Calico Katya, but with the recent release of the very well-received Nimbus Millennium, things are looking up for the venerable institution.

Nimbus Millennium

The Nimbus Millennium, released in early 2098, marked Nimbus' first entry into the broom market since 2092, and the return has been very successful to say the least. Though the Suisei VIII continues to hold the speed record, the Nimbus Millennium still compares quite well to its chief rival in the professional market.

  • Top Speed: 183 mph (record); 178 mph (typical)
  • Handling: Fair
  • Stability: Good
  • Price: 1,300 - 1,800 Galleons

Nimbus 2092

The Nimbus 2092 was generally considered to be a disappointment - it sold well enough as an instructional broom, but was less than competitive in a year that saw the release of the high-performance Awesomecat! and Suisei VII. The Nimbus 2092 did boast exceptional stability, making it useful for less-skilled and student fliers.

  • Top Speed: 113 mph (record); 105 mph (typical)
  • Handling: Fair
  • Stability: Excellent
  • Price: 300 - 500 Galleons

Older Models

  • Nimbus 2090: Released in 2092. Top speed of 101 mph.
  • Nimbus 2087: Released in 2087. Top speed of 100 mph.
  • Nimbus 2084: Released in 2084. Top speed of 98 mph.

Antique Brooms

  • Nimbus 2001:* Released in 1992. Top speed of 89 mph. The gold-standard racing and quidditch broom between 1992 and 1994.
  • Nimbus 2000:* Released in 1991. Top speed of 84 mph. The gold-standard racing and quidditch broom until the release of the Nimbus 2001.

Ellerby and Spudmore


Released in 2096, the Firefly is top-class racing broom, and sees a good deal of use on the professional Quidditch pitch as well. Though it doesn't quite match the Nimbus Millennium or Suisei VIII in pure speed, it climbs more efficiently than any other broom on the market, and in general performs well across the board.

  • Top Speed: 177 mph (record); 170 mph (typical)
  • Handling: Good
  • Stability: Fair
  • Price: 1,100 - 1,400 Galleons

Starfire Zeta

The Starfire Zeta was released in 2090 to much fanfare and a good reception, though it was swiftly outperformed by the Suisei VII and the Awesomecat!, released shortly after. The final Starfire model, the Zeta is still a respectable broom, and sees a lot of use in amateur racing and quidditch circuits.

  • Top Speed: 165 mph (record); 158 mph (typical)
  • Handling: Good
  • Stability: Good
  • Price: 500 - 750 Galleons

Older Models

  • Starfire Epsilon: Released in 2088. Top speed of 160 mph.
  • Starfire Gamma: Released in 2084. Top speed of 157 mph.
  • Starfire Kappa: Released in 2081. Top speed of 162 mph, but the broom is known for developing terrible handling problems over time.

Antique Brooms

  • Firebolt: Released in 1993. Held the speed record (150 mph) for more than 3 decades, and dominated the market for much of its lifespan.

Calico Katya's Awesome Brooms, Ltd.

Calico Katya, a Romanian craftswoman who took the Wizarding world by storm in 2092, has quickly established herself as the premier custom broommaker alive today.

For further information, see Calico Katya's Awesome Brooms, Ltd.

Cleansweep Broom Company

Unable to compete with the crowded market for racing broomsticks, the venerable Cleansweep Broom Company went in a completely different direction in the mid-2070s, creating and dominating a niche market for brooms enchanted with enough protective measures to survive a nuclear war. Since the 2077 endorsement Cleansweep received from French Quidditch legend Jean-Paul Bernier, sales have been brisk, particularly among casual fliers, diplomats and dignitaries, and students.

Cleansweep Capitane

Released in 2090, the Cleansweep Capitane is the most recent - and best-selling - broom in Cleansweep's long history. Bearing Bernier's endorsement, and protected by enough charms to 'repel a killing curse and a cruise missile simultaneously', the Capitane is a popular broom despite its limited performance.

  • Top Speed: 95 mph (record); 91 mph (typical)
  • Handling: Fair
  • Stability: Excellent
  • Price: 750 - 1,000 Galleons

Cleansweep Bernier

The direct predecessor to the Cleansweep Capitane, the Bernier was released in 2076, and was the first broom to bear Jean-Paul Bernier's endorsement. The protective charms and superior braking of the broom make it hold up rather well, though the Capitane outperforms it in most regards, and it's of little use on a professional pitch.

  • Top Speed: 88 mph (record); 85 mph (typical)
  • Handling: Fair
  • Stability: Good
  • Price: 350 - 500 Galleons

Older Models

  • Cleansweep 27: Released in 2055. Top speed of 85 mph. The final model released by Cleansweep before the company shut down and restructured their business between 2057 and 2071.

Antique Brooms

  • Cleansweep 11: Released in 1995. Top speed of 70 mph. In its heyday, a favorite broom of professional Keepers.

Comet Trading Company

An old and well-respected broomstick maker, Comet Trading Company has seen declining market share and a tattered reputation in recent years. Once one of the most powerful companies in the world, marketing blunders and internal scandals have ravaged Comet's ability to compete with increasingly strong rivals, and many believe the company is in its dying days. Their most recent broomstick, the Comet 440, has barely recuperated its production costs - a steep fall for the company that first patented the braking charm.

Comet 440

The Comet 440 is a respectable broomstick, though unexceptional in most regards. Released in 2094, it has seen lukewarm sales and little interest. After the immense investment Comet Trading Company made in the release, many believe it will be the final broom to bear the Comet name.

  • Top Speed: 99 mph (record); 90 mph (typical)
  • Handling: Good
  • Stability: Fair
  • Price: 800 - 1,200 Galleons

Comet 390

Released in 2082, the Comet 390 was greeted with fanfare, but received tepid reviews and sold poorly. Created in the midst of internal disputes that nearly destroyed the company, the market version of the broom was a disaster, known for backfiring charms and for spontaneously behaving like a hexed beast. In North America, a popular street game was made out of agitating the broom and betting on who could stay astride the longest.

  • Top Speed: 93 mph (record); 86 mph (typical)
  • Handling: Poor
  • Stability: Terrible
  • Price: No longer marketed directly, but used 390s can typically be picked up for under 100 Galleons.

Older Models

The Comet 370, Comet 340, and Comet 320 are no longer marketed, but can typically be picked up used for a steal. They perform better than the ill-fated Comet 390, but the quality is unexceptional.

Antique Brooms

The Comet 140, Comet 180, Comet 220, Comet 260, and Comet 290 can occasionally be found in flea markets and antique shops, but it is a rare find indeed, as most people in possession of a broom from Comet's halcyon days have no intention of parting with such a fine collectible.

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