Blake Krum

Personal Information

  • Name:Blake Krum
  • Age:23- year 2075
  • Blood:Pure
  • Birthdate:May 24
  • Place of Birth:Berlin, Germany
  • Occupation:Beater on Team Germany.

Physical Appearance

Blake is what people would call somewhat of an average looking guy. Besides his height theres nothing different than what woman would see in other men. He has a big frame and is muscular as he's a beater on the German quidditch team. Light blue eyes go with his somewhat dark skin due to travelling and his black hair is always short too. Blake can usually be seen wearing casual clothes unless he is going to event then he'll be sure to be seen in a clean cut suit.

  • Height:6'2
  • Weight:227
  • Distinguishing Features:Long scar above his right eye.


Will used to be the most free spirited guy anyone could have met at the time before the battle against Kali Anmalyashonjir. Being in Germany was not a pleasant experience for anyone with the wars, it was a harsh time for the people. After the wars and his parents dying he has changed significantly, he now thinks about his actions and how they will affect people. Occasionally he can be seen having a good time but only when he is with certain people.

School Information

Schools:Durmstrang Institute of Magical Learning 1-7

Houses: N/A
NEWT Scores:
Defense Against the Dark Arts:O
Care of Magical Creatures:E
Ancient Runes:O

Notable Skills

  • Very skilled in the dark arts especially his offensive spells.
  • He is very athletic and knows how to fight if magic ever fails him.
  • Skilled at flying
  • Is an animagus- same as his patronus. Although he does not usually transform due to the size of his patronus

Magical Skills


  • Defensive and Offensive spells
  • Duelling


  • Care for magical creatures
  • Isn't very trusting of others

Notable Abilities:

  • Can cast very strong dark spells
  • Patronus Indian Rhinoceros


  • Wand 13" Hornbeam with a dragon heartstring core made by Gregorovitch passed down in his family.
  • Broom: Awesomecat! Provided by his team and proudly owned by Blake.
  • Pets: Male Great horned owl named Alois
  • Other Belongings:
  • Bought a house near his teams quidditch pitch in Germany after his parents died.
  • Foe-glass
  • Various quidditch equipment
  • Poly juice potions and a few other important potions that he collected after the war to keep just in case.

Brief History

Blake grew up in Berlin Germany with his family for years. He attended Durmstrang for his schooling career and went on to join the Germany quidditch team at the young age of 16. After only a short year of being on the team the Anhuala War broke out and Blake decided to join the fight. He was a fighter against Kali Anmalyashonjir and with the ministry cause. Blake was involved with the battles over the Magikonsortium and his parents both members of the ministry were killed by the traitor Eileen Kaust. After the war he took back his position on the quidditch team not knowing what else to do. For now his career is quidditch but he is thinking of dropping it all and becoming something more like a professor and hopefully one day a headmaster. Present day he's currently moving to London for a while during the world cup.

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