Azerwal aît Azayku
Personal Information
Name → Azerwal aît Azayku; "Azûlay"
→ Azerwal Abner (informal alias)
→ Hassan ibn al-Anwar (simplified Arabic)
Birthdate 29 (May 13th, 2068)
Blood Status Half-Blood
Place of Birth idurar n Ahaggar, Algeria
Occupation Cursebreaker
Magical Historian
School Information
Schools Anhuala School of the Medium
Houses Ward of Thoth
N.E.W.T.s → Ancient Runes (O)
→ Arithmancy (A)
→ Astronomy (E)
→ D.A.D.A. (O)
→ History of Magic (O)
Wand Cypress, 13¼", Sphinx Claw
Broom Ellerby and Spudmore's Firefly
Pets → Moon, a vulture (x)
→ Mother, a pariah dog (x)
Other → tba
→ tba
→ tba


Tall, with grey eyes, brown hair, and a round face - Azerwal looks quite young, despite sun-kissed skin that looks like it frequently takes elemental beatings. A union of Berber, French, and Arabic ancestry, he has the ability to blend nearly anywhere he travels, but remains memorable for the number of faded tattoos painted about his person.

Height: 1.87m
Weight: 80kg

  • Distinguishing Features: Tattoos:
  • Hands & Arms:
    • Left:
    • a pitchforked symbol encasing his wrist and hand
    • a 'scorpion' on the back of his hand, coiled around his middle finger
    • partial sleeve of various geometric designs, wrapped up and down
    • a man leading a camel under his wrist
    • Right:
    • "أبعد من الثريا" (forearm; underside)
  • Torso:
    • geometric lines and shapes from his trachea to his sternum
  • Legs & Ankles:
    • bands on each ankle, encasing evil-eye charms
  • Feet:
    • thatched evil-eye charms featured on the bottom of both feet with detail wrapping all the way around


There is no greater gift than knowing thyself. Azerwal is an self-confident individual with an immense amount of native dignity, patience, and understanding. He is an optimistic person with a pacifistic philosophy and allows most bad experiences to roll off his shoulder. No person is without their flaws and idiosyncrasies: Azerwal has a habit of impulsive behavior, becoming overly-critical when frustrated, and withering in a domestic lifestyle.

Notable Skills

Azerwal is a fluent English, French, Tamasheq, and Arabic speaker. He took an early interest in archaeological and anthropological subjects and now boasts an impressive closet of worldly knowledge. A compulsive chronicler, Azerwal has written down all of his exploits and published a few scholarly articles on magical history and wizarding culture. Among his most circulated are The Effect of Cultural Values on Spell Usage and Popularity Patterns and Migratory Magic: Extensification of the Wizarding World.

Magical Skills

  • Strengths:
    • Ancient Runes →
    • History of Magic →
    • Defence Against the Dark Arts →
  • Weaknesses:
    • Herbology →
    • Potions →
  • Notable Abilities:
    • tba →

Brief History

Azerwal was born to a muggle mother from a Tuareg tribe and a British half-blood father of French-Algerian ancestry. They never married, but stayed together for the first five years of Azerwal's life and returned to their ways thereafter. His father, Francis Abner, worked for the British Ministry of Magic in the Department of International Magical Cooperation as an ambassador to The Saharan Alliance of Magic. His mother did never managed to fully accept the idea of wizarding society and believed magic to be dangerous and volatile (evident in the many protective tattoos she demanded unto her child upon his birth). He had a good relationship with his mother despite this and his education at Anhuala. He spent holidays away from school at home with his mother. His father kept in touch and visited infrequently.

In 2086, Azerwal graduated from Anhuala School of the Medium. He began working for the Egyptian branch of the Alliance as an intern in the Bureau of Magical Law Enforcement-Naturalist Sector. He was promoted to the field as a curse-breaker two years later and five years ago, he was appointed as director for satelite locations throughout Southern Algeria.

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