Atticus Lorenzo

Name: Atticus Lorenzo
Age: 17
Year: 7th
Blood: Pure.
House: Gryffindor
Former Schools: Avnery Academy of Enchantment, Kaleridge Academy for Witchy Blokes
N.E.W.T. Classes:
— Potions
Ancient Runes
— Herbology
— Charms
— Defense Against the Dark Arts

Description: Atticus is handsome, but not beyond all belief. He is extremely fit, but doesn't have muscles bulging from everyhwere. He sees that everything has a purpose, and just because he has magical ability doesn't mean he should neglect his phyiscal form. Wise beyond his years he can be found without speaking a word for days on end. Kind hearted and has a habit of appearing how people want him to be. He has an unsual appreciation for Muggle fire-arms. ( Which he acquired from his years growing up in the Australian Outback ) His past is not something he discloses to everyone, if anyone at all. It is known, although not maybe to his new acquaintances, that although he appears chirpy, social and insightful, he is filled with a cold hard resentment. He has seen, and experienced, more then someone of his age should have.

Magic: Atticus studies hard to excel in his classes. He is naturally gifted with his magical abilities, but never takes them lightly. He practices intensely and can be found studying till the early hours of the morning to perfect an essay or spell. He is particulary interested in non-verbal magic, yet all atempts with such an ideal as proved fruitless, and whilst the idea still entertains him, he no longer spends sleepless nights persuing the idea.

Chronic Insomnia. Also is very skilled with sleight of hand, quite able to do muggle 'magic'.

A poker face of champions.

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